Be Well

Is It Time To Take a Spiritual Detox?

We live in a dramatically distracted, on-the-go kind of world, and our minds are constantly bombarded with information.

As per research, an average human being has 60,000 to 70,000 thoughts in a day, and according to the American National Science Foundation, 95% are repetitive and a whopping 80% of them are negative. The ‘negativity bias’ dates back to ancient times, when primitive man had to be able to register threats and danger to increase survival rates. Through evolution, our brains gradually became hardwired to focus on the negative and is still wired into our genetics today.

We live packed lives, busy with activities, flooded with thoughts, and overstimulated with information. Our bodies are exposed to hundreds of toxins, and it is only natural for our minds, body, and spirit to burn out as years go by. Often, we are too busy to notice the wear and tear, but here are a few telltale signs of burnout:

-          When your skin looks dull and lacks lustre

-          You face digestive issues and constipation

-          You are bored—all the time

-          You’ve been having a series of late nights

-          You have been eating processed food, and more than required

-          And on a non-physical level, when you are not able to fully engage in any activity and cannot fully appreciate the blessings in life

-     And you can’t even remember the last time you took a walk, watched the sunset or sunrise, walked barefoot in the grass, or felt the fresh breeze on your face

But wait, there’s good news too. Our bodies are miraculous, and by making small but steady lifestyle changes, we can actually revitalize our system. When we consciously detox the unnecessary baggage, we can give a new lease on life to ourselves.

“Detox simply means creating space for the new or the fresh to come in or creating space for that which we want to manifest in different levels (mind, body)”, says Dr. Marian Alonzo, Medical Chief, The Farm at San Benito. “This means, aligning to the Spirit in us or that part of us that is uncorrupted by illness or not pulled into the spiraling down of a life drama”, she continues.

Wellness travel has seen a huge spike in recent times, with people ditching a cocktail-fuelled party holiday for some peace and quiet, clean eating, and contemplation. The Farm at San Benito offers such space if you're looking for a quiet escape to recuperate. It is a magnificent eco-luxury holistic health resort that offers comprehensive, science-based, evidence-based medically supervised health optimization programs and life-changing retreats. Your holiday would include holistic integrative medical services, nurturing spa treatments and hydrotherapy water wellness, plant-based vegan cuisine, mindful movement, and functional fitness; as well as a healing environment and heartfelt service.

If you know you’re in need of a spiritual cleanse, head out for the detox program. And even if you aren’t able to get away, there’s a lot you can do right where you are. Do it with compassion, be consistent, and be kind to yourself.

1.    Filter your inner circle
When you feel drained, spend time with those who love you. Just being with those who vibrate loving energies toward you can be incredibly healing.
Cut off people (- or reduce time with them) who drain your energies, do not respect boundaries, and add unnecessary drama or stress to your life.

2.    Clean up your consumption
Since we are what we eat, we also are what we put into our system; be it messages, social conditioning, conversations, or thoughts. Be mindful of everything you consume, keep it clean and light. Bring more healthy and wholesome food in your diet, and cut off stale, processed, heavy foods.

3.    Raise your vibration, and help others to do so too
Do whatever it takes to raise your vibration. Find what feels good, and do it more. Usually, connecting with childhood hobbies like reading, painting, dancing, pottery etc brings a sense of joy.  
And while you’re there, lift someone else too. Make it familiar to be in a high vibration.

4.    Choose kindness
Be kind to the world around you, and most importantly be kind to yourself. Draw personal boundaries, do not suffer a situation you find toxic, use better words when you speak to yourself and bring a sense of ease to your life.  

5.    Five senses awareness
Spend time outdoors, breathe deep, walk on grass, smell the flowers, feast your eyes on nature; become aware of your five senses, and you’ll feel alive.

    6.  Sacred space
         Find something sacred that helps you recognize that there is a power greater than us, connect with it, and seek nourishing energy from it.

We all experience overwhelm or burnout from time to time. It’s important to recognize this feeling and gift yourself the luxury of healing and detox

The Farm at San Benito is an award-winning eco-luxury world-class holistic medical wellness resort located in 51-hectare lush greenery, a 2-hour drive from Manila, Philippines. This multi-award-winning resort is a proud member of CG Hospitality and has won several global accolades including “Best Medical Wellness Resort in the World.