After “Les Sculptures”, JACQUEMUS arrives at this 15th anniversary collection.
Photos: Courtesy of JACQUEMUS

A panoramic exploration of essential forms: minimalist geometries, classical Greek draping – radically transcribed, the purest possible. Fresh silhouettes signal a duality, where architectural shapes emerge with absolute lightness and sensuality.

Sublime with the slightest surrealist touch, her looks speak from all sides with jersey cascading, peeling back, curving low down the sides of the body or revealing through sheer mousseline like a layer of water. Constructed jackets are self-contained statements with angled portrait collars and precise panelling. Those in bonded suede have edges painted and hand-finished. The flounced brim of a sun hat is transposed to the torso while exaggerated A-line skirts and a contoured, flowing bustier dress highlight different ways to frame the figure.

He dresses with a chic yet playful polish. Suits appear with graphic zebra stripes, while ensembles are given curving outlines and defined waists. Other familiar pieces are reconsidered: scooping tanks, looser pants, front- pleat shorts, airy boatnecks and trousers in crisp, dark denim, and marinière polos – sharply designed yet exuding ease.

References to Curzio Malaparte’s home and Godard’s Le Mépris subtly connect the collection to its setting – from the floor tiles as an artistic motif to the intense Capri blue, expressive red, shades of yellow and bright sage that animate the monochromatic scheme.

Making its debut, “La Spiaggia”, a hand-crafted, rond-carré bag birthed from the beach: square with a round opening; round with a square opening. Also “Le Bombola”, a bucket bag whose angular shape resembles the architecture. Whether in leopard jacquard or smooth, sand-toned leather, it is punctuated with a large, sculpted magnetic ring. Stacked ballerines, square-toed espadrilles and moccasins extend the silhouettes through revisited bourgeois archetypes. The essence of summer, caps, hats and more boast Capri branding.

The show marks a full-circle moment. For Simon, Casa Malaparte captivated his imagination 15 years ago as he launched his brand. Today, the perseverance in craftsmanship, design precision, attention to materials, and silhouette development reflect the setting. Every step, upward; an indescribable honour made real.

JACQUEMUS "LA CASA" is now available on JACQUEMUS.AE and the JACQUEMUS boutique in Dubai Mall.

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Photos: Courtesy of JACQUEMUS