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Praña is an energetic wardrobe of newly developed shapes for the individual mind, searching alternative ways of progress. Carefully engineered garments, inviting a new flow, ready to align with the current and future challenges we all face collectively. Subtlety, modernity and elegance as a path to a new manifestation, while staying true to the Jan-Jan Van Essche silhouette.
Photos: Courtesy of Jan-Jan Van Essche

The designer opts for uplifting mid tones combined with deep blacks and a natural Indigo silk screen print, developed in Kyoto. Apart from Indigo, other natural dyes such as Ume (Japanese plum), Kakishibu (persimmon fruit) and Gall nuts are used to diversify the color palette.

Once again refined fabrics are sourced and skillfully developed in various regions in Japan, from small artisanal weaving mills. Various structures and textures from washi (paper fiber), silks, hemps, linens and cottons are blend together, resulting into a variety of cloths of extreme comfort and tactility.

A knitted series of lightweight and transparent linen/cotton tops, function as cooling under layers, while heavier jacquard sweaters isolate the body during the spring months. The PRĀNA wardrobe is an invitation to explore the luxury of comfort of the Jan-Jan Van Essche’s contemporary and breathable shapes.

This year, Jan-Jan van Essche purposely decided to keep things intimate. Together with creative artisanal platform LUCENTEMENT, Jan-Jan van Essche held a confidential cocktail, in which he brought his closest surroundings, retailers, other designers and a select amount of editors together to celebrate his SS24collection.Centered around the things that matter, JJVEbrought the attendees back to the core essence of his work as an act to stay true to his values, not follow trends and move at his own pace. Attendees could experience JJVE's latest collection in his showroom in the Marais where clothes made out of natural fibers in a range of natural dyes, were hanging on his hand-made bamboo racks, while enjoying a subliminally crafted cocktail. JJVE brought together a range of disciplines in order to celebrate craftsmanship and artisanal fashion.

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Photos: Courtesy of Jan-Jan Van Essche | @janjanvanessche