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JW Anderson Women's AW23

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Images: Courtesy of JW Anderson

Michael Clark is an incipit. A starter, a white page, the agitator who defied the system, who threw a couple of glittery fingers in the face of the dominating culture and created another. Michael Clark is the landmark who prompted others to do the same. As such, he is embedded deep, somewhere, in the foundation of JW Anderson and impels now the urgency of a blank slate. An incipit, counter to the dominating culture.

Nowness matters, senseless newness not so much. From this assumption, a confrontation with the idea of what has been done ensues. History and the long term: as perspective, not as a burden. Overcoming rejection in the name of lucidity.

Fifteen years of JW Anderson are condensed here and now, redone and reseen, mixed with Michael Clark imagery, memorabilia, even just the name and what it stands for.

A cathartic reduction to the essence, reconnecting with the tropes and foundations. Reclaiming ownership: of the geometries, the paddings, the draping, the bluntness. Of the slicing and the askew sophistication, of the panels and the flaps.

Of the architectural coats, the sculptural collars, even the anchor and breton stripes. A constant exchange: then and now. Reducing, compressing, condensing.

And starting again.

I am curious, orange.

Look 1, 15, 23, 30, 38, 40: 'Typographic design by Scott King from the Michael Clark Company archive'
Look 2 Top: Poster design by Peter Saville Studio, 1998, from the Michael Clark Company archive
Look 3 Top: Photography / Poster design by Jake Walters from the Michael Clark Company archive
Look 4 Top: 'Poster design by Pete Barrett from the Michael Clark Company archive'
Look 18: 'Design by Stevie Stewart from the Michael Clark Company archive'

Looks 33, 34, 35, 36: 'Michael Clark Archive piece'

Look 41: 'Michael Clark Archive piece'

Look 41: 'Michael Clark Archive piece'


Creative Director: Jonathan Anderson

Styling: Benjamin Bruno

Music: Pascal Moscheni

Live Performance: Brìghde Chaimbeul

Casting: Ashley Brokaw

Hair: Anthony Turner

Make-up: Lynsey Alexander

Production: Holmes Production