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Jacob Cohën Fall Winter 24

Femininity born from strength and courage. The freedom to be oneself and reveal the thousand facets that make up one’s individuality. Being a woman in everyday life, clashes and confrontations that forge femininity. With no flaws. With no excesses. Straight to the heart.
Photo: Courtesy of Jacob Cohën

This is how Jacob Cohën sees the FW 24 woman, with a collection focussing on the combination of strength, courage and decisiveness. It all starts from denim, the brand’s emblematic fabric. Strong, versatile, contemporary and reassuring. Tenacious at first, but increasingly soft and tactile with time. Suits in which the jackets, sometimes deconstructed, are tightened, shortened, before a moderate broadening at the shoulders, and the trousers feature wide and soft lines or are simply straight. Cropped denim jackets, in recycled wool, or aviator sheepskin, always minimal, contrasting with flowing trousers in fine wool or denim. Denim is also quilted, in an unhesitating shirt mini skirt combination. Oversized trench coats, also made of fine wool, wrap around the body, expressing deliberate self confidence. Mohair polo neck jumpers or turtleneck jumpers in sturdier wool.

The colours: denim’s shades of blue, butter white, chocolate, sand and camel.

Denim and decisive, assertive fabrics also for the menswear collection. Here again it’s a story of self confidence, but in this case it is told by the flannels used to make jackets, over shirts and trousers. And by gabardine for more traditionally cut trousers, and by sheepskin, for a jacket alternating the outside and the reverse of the hide. Intense or more washed blue denim, grey, butter white, blue and tobacco.

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Photos: Courtesy of Jacob Cohën