Johanna Ortiz Fall/Winter 2022: LIBERTAD

Sensible, elegant and powerful.
Photos: Courtesy of Johanna Ortiz

LIBERTAD: the Spanish word for FREEDOM acknowledges a sentiment of hope during troubled times.

LIBERTAD is intriguing, provocative and emenates a sophisticated allure.

She makes a strong but elegant entrance

She makes her voice heard

She is pure in heart

Eveningwear returns this season and harkens back to the femininity of the Golden Era as a modern nomad - she is always in transit. She is empowered.

References to the late French designer, Pierre Paulin and his studies of the relationship between the body and furniture are represented in the sophisticated, minimalistic design and styling.

Central Asian crafts are celebrated in this season’s prints along with signature Johanna Ortiz references of tropical palms and South American flora - specifically in the hand embroidered Suzani and Ikat threading.

Handwoven by the Embere Kurmado indigenous community in Pereira, Colombia, belts are made from seeds and glass with each color honoring a different facet of human life: RED represents blood and human race; nature is represented in GREEN; while YELLOW stands for gold, sunshine and happiness.

The WHITE beads honor the clouds and peace. Also incorporated into the belts are emeralds, citrine and rose quartz.

Made in collaboration between Johanna Ortiz and Alvaro Avila, earrings are made with pride and a deep love for their shard Colombian heritage. Crafted from gold plated silver and hand painted enamel with art deco references, the sculptural double dome earrings evoke mysticism and positive energy.

Necklaces are handwoven and embroidered by the Embera Chami indigenous community using an age-old technique that resembles western scarves.

Lead by Maria Magdalena, women from the Kamenstá community in Putumayo, Colombia have handwoven this seasons mochilas and clutches from 100% wool with patterns that tell their stories on the world and the wisdom and magic of their community.

Shoes display leaf ties and twists in materials synonyms with Johanna Ortiz.

Earthy yet vibrant. Wintery and also spicy.

Our hearts are with the people of Ukraine.

We stand for PEACE, we stand for HUMANITY, we stand for LIBERTAD.

A percentage of sales from this collection will be donated to the women and children of Ukraine.

Johanna Ortiz has collaborated on this initiative with Ukranian model Cate Underwood, the face of this important cause and collection.