Jude Benhalim Has Brought Two Worlds Together in New Collection: COLLISION

Explore the fusion of two worlds in Jude Benhalim's new collection, COLLISION. Discover innovative designs and unique craftsmanship.
Photos: Courtesy of Jude Benhalim

The human experience naturally demands a curiosity about the world we inhabit and the worlds yet unknown. COLLISION is not merely inspired by, but rather, reimagines the interactions between space and Earth in wearable, decorative jewelry.

Collision is an excavation into the shared worlds of our galaxy. The point of impact and intersection as two worlds collide, leaving its mark on our memories and the Earth’s surface. The fascination with outer space comes as Jude bore witness to an asteroid shooting across the night sky, triggering an imaginative exploration of the ways in which the worlds become one through celestial events and the imprints those events leave on our world: our deserts and skies. As meteors shower, stars explode and asteroids orbit the sun, we get a glimpse into a world yet unknown, leaving celestial ripples, cavernous craters and a never-ending, insatiable curiosity for the outer cosmos.

Collision is a collection of 18K gold-plated brass, 925 sterling silver and custom-made resin stones in galactic shades: space blue, terrestrial green and Jupiter red. Layers undulate and striations create patterns of waves that mimic those in the desert, while granules crystallize the surface of the pieces through a revived ancient jewelry technique deployed in previous Jude Benhalim signature collections. Each dyed resin stone is encapsulated in its stone house with skill and precision. Jude offers a one of a kind ensemble of extra-terrestrial jewelry that inspire elegance, beauty and unbridled cosmic power.

Known for pioneering boundary-breaking designs, the brand releases the Mismatched Supernova Earrings, a display of elegance and statement asymmetry. The collection includes an array of statement, red-carpet-ready pieces, like the Nightfall set as well as every day chic pieces such as the Sahara and Meteorite sets. Of course, no Jude Benhalim Jewelry collection is complete without interchangeable pieces that can be dressed up or down and worn from day to night, such as the Sandstone and Meteorite Earrings.

“I couldn’t believe my eyes when I witnessed what seemed like a ball of fire darting across the sky right in front of me. That feeling of awe was so intense, it got me exploring the portals through which we are able to remotely experience a morsel of unexplored outer worlds. I wanted to create a collection that truly had something for everyone, so I’m ‘over the moon’ with how it turned out and can’t wait to transfer that awe to everyone through this collection.” – Jude Benhalim, Co-Founder and Creative Director

All Jude Benhalim jewelry is designed, assembled and hand-finished in their Cairo studio using only the finest 925 silver and gold-plated brass as well as recycled and custom-made Resin stones. A zero-waste policy is applied to the studio as Jude Benhalim’s ongoing dedication to sustainability in the fashion jewelry industry.

COLLISION is available to purchase online and in flagship stores. | @jude.benhalim