Karen Wazen Expands Into Jewelry, Transforming Into A Full-Fledged Accessories Brand

Karen Wazen unveiled a transformative step into the realm of jewelry marking a new era for the brand. Evolving beyond its roots in eyewear, the brand is transforming into a full-fledged accessories powerhouse with the launch of its inaugural jewelry line, featuring exquisite earrings and bangles in its first-ever drop.
Photos: Courtesy of Karen Wazen

From its initial foray into eyewear for adults to the introduction of a coveted kids collection in 2021, and even the addition of sunglass chains, Karen Wazen has consistently pushed boundaries and redefined the landscape of independent, homegrown accessories.

Founder Karen Wazen shares, “I’m thrilled to unveil our first-ever jewelry collection, drawing inspiration from our distinctive emblem. This expansion marks a significant milestone for our brand, signifying growth and an enhanced selection for our community. It was very special working with my best friend on this collection and having her as the face of this campaign which symbolizes the unique and cherished bond we share.”

Photo: Courtesy of Karen Wazen

Dana Hourani, celebrated pop artist, and childhood best friend to Karen Wazen, features as the face of ByKarenWazen’s first exclusive jewellery campaign. With her heavy involvement as the co-director to this campaign to ‘Bonds of Gold’, she embodies the seamless integration of artistry and personal connection, reflecting the core values of the brand. Serving as a tribute to the strength and beauty, inherent in the connections we forge throughout our lives, ‘Bonds of Gold’ is a celebration of the intertwining threads of friendship, love, and shared experiences.

Entitled ‘Bonds of Gold’ the jewelry collection features the iconic Karen Wazen dual diamond-shaped logo symbolizing the brand's unique identity. At the heart of the collection are the stunning ‘Bond’ earrings adorned with shimmering crystals. Crafted in Silver, Gold, and Crystal variations, available in sizes ranging from small to large, these earrings serve as a striking embodiment of the brand's signature style. In addition to the bond earrings, the ‘Ever Bond’ hoops come in medium and large sizes effortlessly enhancing any ensemble. Rounding out the collection are the stackable 'Ever-Bond' bangles in gold and crystal silver, seamlessly interlinking the logos to create an eternal and connected chain—a visual representation of the enduring bonds fostered through Karen Wazen's accessories.

Photo: Courtesy of Karen Wazen

The Karen Wazen jewelry collection is now available for purchase on, Mall of the Emirates, Yas Mall, ABC Dbayeh, ABC Verdun, Westerly, Harvey Nichols - Dubai, Farfetch, Browns, Shopbop, Revolve, Galeries Lafayette Doha, Bloomingdale’s, Koibird, Ounass, Level Shoes, The Frankie Shop and Baraka Group. | @bykarenwazen