Karl Lagerfeld Fall 2020 Women's Collection

Explore the latest trends and elegance in the Karl Lagerfeld Fall 2020 Women's Collection. Unveiling style and sophistication.

The KARL LAGERFELD Fall 2020 women’s collection brings a contemporary touch to influences from historic decades and places. Styles combine references found in 18th century Europe — a time period which Karl Lagerfeld was passionate about — paired with artisanal details, ‘90s silhouettes and a sophisticated spirit. The result brings a modern-day interpretation to classic inspirations; it’s fresh, feminine and powerful for a new age of chic.

One of the most illustrious figures of the century was French queen Marie Antoinette, who was renowned for her sense of fashion. KARL LAGERFELD revisits the prominent silhouettes of her era including corset shapes, peplum seamlines and ruffled trims. Shades of cotton candy pink are combined with KARL’s quintessential palette of black and white. At the same time, themes of ‘90s power dressing appear in pant suits, jackets and trousers; the signature look is tailored and modern.

Heading north to England, the collection looks further to the wardrobes of Queen Anne and her confidante, Sarah Churchill, Duchess of Marlborough. Styles are rooted in structured tailoring with strong shoulders, clean seams, voluminous sleeves and head-to-toe leather looks. Outerwear plays a key role with oversized cocoon coats, velvet capelets, modern ponchos and technical trench coats. There is also a masculine influence in pinstripe suiting, a full leather dress and a sweater- cape silhouette with antique embroidery detail.

The European tour concludes in Germany, where the music of Amadeus Mozart echoed through palaces at grand balls and masquerades. In a similar vein, the offering is filled with KARL’s party-ready styles for the festive season. Ripe, saturated colors and metallic finishes combine with luxe fabrics and sparkling sequins. Statement pieces include a faux fur leopard print coat, a metallic fringed skirt, and a ‘90s-inspired shirt with a built-in corset.

The Fall 2020 collection further includes a capsule inspired by Karl Lagerfeld’s archive designs from the 1990s. The iconic pieces have been reimagined with new hemlines and modern fabrics, as a tribute to his resounding creativity.

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