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Kids’ and Family Friendly Movies Your Little Ones Can’t Miss this Holiday

Top picks available on the OSN Streaming App for your kids this holiday season.

There's just something about holiday films that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. And when it’s a kids’ friendly movie that you can enjoy with everyone you love, from toddlers to adults, it gets even better. Snuggle in with your little ones on the couch, and watch your kids’ faces light up as they soak up the best holiday movies. (Matching pajamas and homemade hot chocolate drink are not required, but strongly encouraged!)

The only challenge you might run into when choosing a holiday movie on OSN is picking just one. In that case, we highly recommend an OSN movie marathon, of course. To help you decide what to stream for your kids, we have compiled a must- watch list of the best kid-friendly Christmas movies out there.

From childhood classic and jingle bell spirit, 'Home Alone 1,2 and 3' to fun-filled film, 'Snowtime', an animated movie, OSN offers movies which cater to the taste of all kids in the room (you won’t have to worry about the kids fighting over the movies!). Here are the top picks for the holiday season that will keep your little ones entertained for hours.

Kids & Family Movies:

For over a period of three decades, 'Home Alone' has cemented itself as a Christmas classic that we all enjoy till this date. Each time the film takes us to a roller coaster ride of laughter and endless entertainment with an outstanding performance by the protagonist Kevin McCallister (Macaulay Culkin). How a boy defends his house from burglars after his family forgets him while going on a vacation? Binge watch the 3 sequels this holiday on the OSN Streaming app.

Another fun-filled film, 'Snowtime', an animated remake of a popular French-Canadian children's film is on the list. The film revolves around children who decide to play a snow fight game. This humor-filled animated movie is the best way to keep the children in the festive mood this Christmas.

If you are in the mood for an all-time classic Christmas story, OSN brings you 'A Christmas Carol' (2009). Based on Charles Dickens' novel published in 1843, it is regarded as one of the most iconic Christmas tales of all time. Disney's 'A Christmas Carol' is re-envisioned for the modern era but retains the essence of the original classic novel. The story is around Miser Ebenezer Scrooge (Jim Carrey), who is given a second chance to change his ways of bitterness and meanness. This thrilling adventure portrays the beauty of a snow-covered Victorian England and deep characters with motion capture and 3d animation.

If you are in the spirit of singing some Christmas carols, 'Disney Holiday Singalong' is definitely the right musical show for you. Hosted by Ryan Seacrest, the hour-long musical event show will feature many star-studded performances, including Andrea Bocelli, BTS, Michael Bublé, Ciara, and many more. The special telecast displays animated on-screen lyrics for the home-viewing audience to sing along to the iconic Disney melodies and holiday carols.

The next addition to the list is ‘A Sugar and Spice Holiday’. The film conveys the Christmas message of love and affection built on heartwarming chemistry between the lead characters. The story revolves around Suzy, a Chinese-American architect who returns to her hometown for Christmas and participates in a baking contest alongside an old schoolmate while trying to secure a promotion at work. Tune in to the OSN Streaming app on 25th December and watch the story of Suzy Yung as it unfolds.

Christmas for veterans and their families are always heart touching and filled with emotions. 'A Welcome Home Christmas' is exactly that story of a veteran who needs help getting back to life and falls for her counsellor in the process. The film is filled with fun, emotion, and climax that holds viewers' attention until the last scene.

What if you wake up some day and turn into a person you hate the most? And what if that person you hated was Santa. Released in 2019, 'Santa in Training' is a new addition to the holiday movies, and it is no less interesting than the other classics. Starring Antonio Sabato Jr., Julio Iglesias and Carson Rowland, the film's plot is about a man who hates Christmas but unfortunately has been chosen as a replacement for Santa Claus. Watch this wholesome movie for a laugh and feel the emotion of the festival at the same time.

Do you think anyone can ever think of stealing Christmas? If not, then surely you haven't watched 'The Elf Who Stole Christmas'. Unlike any other Christmas movie, this animated flick depicts an evil elf named Iratxo, who was accidentally freed from the prison and becomes a huge threat to the festival. Will he succeed ruining Christmas with his evil plans? Watch it on the OSN Streaming app to find out!

There is a lot of excitement and entertainment waiting for you and your family on OSN Streaming app this Christmas. Happy holidays!

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