LIMÉ Celebrates The Unconventional Fashion Forward Attitude This Season

Embracing the hues of ultramarine, deconstructed design and accent denim
Photos: Courtesy of LIMÉ

LIMÉ spring collection is dedicated to experimenting with shapes and the ability to look at familiar things from an unusual angle. Deconstructed design and accent denim take center stage this season, with unconventional cuts, avant-garde styling, and relaxed fits.

Statement pieces from the collection are created using the principle of deconstruction. Belt loops are sewn along the bottom of the black oversized blazer while the midi skirt jeans and trousers are styled “upside down” to creates a sculptural silhouette that defies traditional notions of structural fit. Distinct finishing touches such as the belt at the skirt jeans hem and the back pockets detailing designed on the front of the trousers give a unique sense of individuality to the look. The jumpsuit resembles a set of a classic vest and trousers, creating the perfect styling illusion for a day to night outfit.

The theme of deconstruction theme continues its presence in denim: the collection includes jeans with an asymmetrical fastening, denim skirt jeans and cowboy boots in patchwork style.

The campaign blends the hues of ultramarine to highlight a bold expression. The blazer in this shade is paired with a denim skirt jeans, offering a contemporary feel to the look while the red satin pumps is complementes a minimalist dress with a cut-out back. The colour combinations, a popular aesthetic seen this season, offers a visually striking fashion forward attitude.

Now available in Dubai Hills Mall and online at, revamp your wardrobe with timeless elegance that embraces a transformative style and innovative design.