LINDBERG Presented the Ultra-Light Thintanium Evolution Collection

LINDBERG, the renowned Danish eyewear brand has unveiled the latest evolution of their esteemed Thintanium collection. Building upon the success of the ultra-thin titanium plate eyewear, LINDBERG has taken innovation to new heights by introducing an exciting addition - acetate rims.
Photos: Courtesy of LINDBERG

This evolutionary step showcases LINDBERG's unwavering commitment to exceptional craftsmanship, cutting-edge design, and ultimate personalisation.

The Thintanium collection has established itself as a benchmark in the eyewear industry, receiving numerous design awards for its innovative approach to minimalist design. The collection features an ultra-thin titanium plate front that achieves a delicate aesthetic, boasting an extraordinary strength-to-weight ratio. Now, LINDBERG has elevated this iconic collection by incorporating acetate rims, offering wearers a new level of personalization and lightweight comfort.

In addition to the remarkable aesthetics and personalization opportunities, the Thintanium collection with acetate rims introduces another significant benefit - the ability to mount thinner lenses. By integrating the acetate rims into the frame, LINDBERG enables individuals with high prescriptions to experience the joy of lightweight eyewear while maintaining visual clarity. The result is comfortable and visually appealing eyewear that combines style and improved functionality.

"The evolution of the Thintanium collection represents our dedication to continuous innovation and personalization," says Roberto Vedovotto, Founder, CEO & President for Kering Eyewear, owner of LINDBERG. "We believe that eyewear should not only reflect one's style but also provide unparalleled comfort. With the addition of acetate rims and the option for lighter lenses, wearers can now enjoy a personalized eyewear experience that enhances both their visual clarity and overall comfort."

LINDBERG's commitment to individuality is further amplified through the modular system, which allows wearers to customize the shape, temple, size, and color of their eyewear. The addition of acetate rims expands the scope of personalisation, offering wearers countless opportunities to create a truly unique and tailored eyewear piece.

The Thintanium collection with acetate rims builds upon LINDBERG's core values of design, innovation, and personalization. It represents a harmonious fusion of Danish design heritage, exceptional craftsmanship, unparalleled innovation, and ultimate personal comfort.