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Firm Cultural Confidence in Carrying Forward and Promoting Dunhuang Culture – The LOOLAYY "Shang Yi · Mi Sheng" Show Graciously Held at the Centre Culturel de Chine in Paris
Photos: Courtesy of LOOLAYY

On October 4th at 13:30 local time, a Chinese high-end custom wedding culture show themed "Shang Yi · Mi Sheng" was splendidly conducted at the Centre Culturel de Chine in Paris, France. The closing show, branded "Liu Li · LOOLAYY," employed Dunhuang elements as a vehicle, brimming with traditional Chinese culture and artisan spirit. This haute couture show has laid a profound foundation for the cultural exchange between Chinese and French clothing cultures.

Time stealthily slips away, yet it does not go without leaving traces. It hides within the boundless transformations of things. Drawing inspiration from this concept, the series captures and freezes pattern details and color cultural connotations within Dunhuang culture, crafting a flowing sensation in silk fabric in a manner unfettered by tradition. It is accompanied by rhinestone embellishments to showcase the vivacity of mountain and water light waves, combining the diversity of Dunhuang cultural colors to present a flowing aesthetic in apparel, thus using tangible fashion visual language to recreate the intangible essence of time.

Dunhuang, a sacred name. It's a confluence and collision point for diverse cultures, where ancient China, India, Greece, and Islamic cultures met. Dunhuang is also a palace of art, where murals and sculptures from the 4th to the 11th century provide profoundly moving artistic experiences. Dubbed the art museum of the Eastern world, Dunhuang culture, with its millennia of history, becomes increasingly rich through the polishing of time, gains fresh vitality in the progress of eras, and thus stands as a world-class cultural heritage.

The brand continually draws inspiration from traditional cultural elements and spiritual cores, using fashion language to satisfy the expressive needs of Chinese women in their attire regarding cultural art. Focusing on Dunhuang, and researching mural culture, signifies the brand's reflection and return to cultural roots in new-age consumer patterns, encapsulating a human-centered concrete care.

As stated by Zhang Xiaoqi, CEO and Creative Director of Beijing Xingguang SOMEZEAM International Garments Co. Ltd., under the transmission of the brands core value concept of new aesthetics, new oriental, new service, new connections”, "Liu Li · LOOLAYY" has always been dedicated to interpreting the modern urban woman's image of "happiness • splendor • confidence • wisdom."

This season, "Liu Li · LOOLAYY," utilizing Dunhuang elements as a medium, explores the opulent beauty of traditional, new Chinese-style ceremonial attire. While containing the splendorous Chinese scholasticism within Chinese wedding fashion style, it mines the beauty of modern women in the transmission of Chinese scholarly tradition. Chinese millennial intangible cultural heritage crafts like Ping embroidery, coiled gold work, and seed embroidery, applied to clothing design and production, not only maintain the intrinsic texture of the attire but also embody artistic and fashionable aesthetic expression.

The continuation and promotion of tradition allow the brand's DNA pattern to settle and then sublimate; Liu Li · LOOLAYY” incorporates cultural elements such as Buddha's hand lotus, twining patterns, and Dunhuang Crescent Spring in this product series, enriching the brand's unique design language and adding a layer of profound, ancient Chinese culture.

Starting from the profound foundation of traditional Chinese culture and artisan spirit, Liu Li · LOOLAYY” expresses the warmth of cultural heritage. Using high-quality, high-end fabrics as the thread of design, it doesnt stick to fixed conventional styles but uses a more design-sensible and vivacious brushstroke, employing haute couture thinking to conscientiously unleash fragments of romantic creativity, presenting a dual charge towards high-quality fabric and high-end design. It immerses you in appreciating the beauty of Chinese national costumes, manifesting the goals and humanistic artisan spirit of the Chinese Wedding Culture Inheritor and Promoter.”

Fashion designers extract patterns and color elements from Dunhuang murals, combining them with the warm and fluid silhouette of the patterns, bringing a new season of Chinese elegant aesthetic through the main colors of gold, red, blue, and green. By combining modern craftsmanship with traditional culture, it is hoped that women wearing "Liu Li · LOOLAYY" attire can fully exhibit the charm of Eastern beauties and display their own boundlessly wonderful strength. This series especially introduces sparkling materials such as crystals, pearls, rhinestones, and laser sequins, which are set against glazed and natural mulberry silk fabrics, presenting a vibrantly colorful visual effect. The exquisitely fine embroidery patterns seem to walk out of the long history, infusing the series with a rich artistic atmosphere.

"Interpreting the wealth and romance of women with the beauty of Dunhuang; demonstrating the brands finesse and delicacy with traditional culture." This philosophy not only reflects the brands tireless pursuit of fashion and aesthetics but also reveals the brands profound understanding and attention towards human emotions and social values.

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Photos: Courtesy of LOOLAYY