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L SAHA Autumn Winter 2024: OBSIDIAN SKY

L SAHA presented the Autumn Winter 24 Collection in an intimate runway style presentation in the serene setting of the historic Fyvie Hall at London Fashion Week on the night of 17th February.
Photo: Courtesy of L Saha

Obsidian Sky is a poetry written by Creative Director, Laboni Saha that found expression in the physical form through the collection. Laboni has always drawn inspiration from nature, human emotions, cosmic forces that influence our world at large and our individual lives. The AW24 Collection is influenced by both visual and verbal inspiration drawn from the Night Sky and the poetry (enclosed below). Imagining if words could have visual avatars - what would they look like?

The darkness of the night and its healing and calming properties has been likened to that of the Obsidian (crystal) known for its ability to clear negativity, blockages, trauma and limitations of the body and the mind.

During my night time walks in nature, I have found the vastness, beauty and calm of the night sky to be extremely healing” says Laboni. The moon and its halo that taints the darkness in multitude of shades ranging from Bordeaux to turquoise has often left me in wonder, awe and meditative feeling that cannot be compared to anything I have experienced.

“My aim was to capture this feeling through shapes, colours and craftsmanship in the collection. The pieces are minimal yet complex invoking a meditative feeling to one looking at them or wearing them”

The handwoven elements - signature to the brand have been applied creating a tonal juxtapositions of the soft and fluid with frayed and fringed on the same palette. The designs are considered for low waste, long term appeal and relevance. The collection features new incarnation of the Astrid Jacket and Tigerlily Dress - first introduced in 2019 but remains relevant for the AW 24 season. These designs are fully handwoven at our London studio  requiring skilled craftsmanship and talent that we are proud to hone and nurture.

In a world that is divided by political, social and racial boundaries, the sky is the only thing we have in common. In looking to the sky as inspiration Laboni said - “This collection is my call for ‘unity’ in a vastly divided world”

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Photos: Courtesy of L Saha