LUSH Launches New Range of Bubble Products in the Middle East

UK-based ethical cosmetics brand introduces new bubble bar products in the region

Following the success of the popular Lush Bath Bomb, the brand shifts focus into their Bubble Bars and will be launching a wide range of new Bubble Bars in the region. The entire bubble range will feature classic Bubble Bars, exciting Bubbleroons, Bubble Sticks and Bubble Bottles. All new Bubble products will be available online on the Lush MENA website.

In 1999, Lush filed a patent for a “solid form surfactant product comprising cream of tartar, sodium bicarbonate and a surfactant”, or the Bubble Bar. The brand has provided various cruelty-free bubble bath solutions to customers for over 20 years, and Bubble Bars are one of the best ways to get bubbly and still be sustainable.

Lush MENA is excited to introduce the Mermaid Tail Bubble Bar, which is a combination of the brand’s silky bath oil and is one of their most classic bubble bars. Lushies can also look forward to the favourite Sleepy in Bubble Bar form, infused with Lavender oil and dreamy Ylang Ylang oil. Rose Jam, a popular scent in the region, will now also be available in a Bubbleroon formula with heady scents of rose, geranium and lemon oil for a refreshing wash.

The collection will also include the Dirty Perfume Bubble Bottle which consists cleansing spearmint that invigorates the skin and warming sandalwood. Looking to get creative? The Crayon Bubble Stick is a thrilling blend of fun and aromatic - this reusable product mixes the scents of grapefruit, bergamot and buchu oils and can be used to draw with on the bottom of your bath.

All bubble products can either be crumbled or simply placed under warm running water. Customers can look forward to a large range of Bubble Bars which are self-preserving, while Bubbleroons feature creamy centers that melt into a moisturizing bath, ideal for hydrating the skin this summer. The Bubble Sticks and Bubble Bottles are long-lasting and hold many essential oils and luxurious scents that will enhance any bathing experience.



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