Lacoste's New L003 2K24 Sneaker, Worn by J.I.D., Elevates Running Codes to New Heights

Channelling Lacoste’s history of French sportswear savoir faire, the all-new L003 2K24 celebrates the inherent dignity and beauty of sport.
Photo: Courtesy of Lacoste

Grown from the dynamism of Lacoste’s celebrated Active range, the L003 2K24 bottles running codes into a totally versatile lifestyle shoe that is suitable for all playgrounds.

Defined by an all-new campaign starring critically acclaimed musician J.I.D, the L003 2K24 arrives with a message about liberation - free movement, free-thinking, bold energy.

The campaign celebrates the L003 2K24’s amazing ability to be both grounded and unrestricted, and to defy expectations. Clashing bold, angular movement against classic French architecture, the campaign shows the shoe’s potential to blend diverse elements: running with fashion, heritage with modernity, elevated elegance with humbleness, Frenchness with a global attitude.

The campaign features two pioneering Lacoste ambassadors: J.I.D and model Sabrina Lan. The former - heralded as “one of rap’s best storytellers’’ by Rolling Stone - has been connected to Lacoste since a young age, having long made the brand a part of his personal uniform and self-expression. Both J.I.D and Lan appear with one foot firmly on the ground, the other in free movement, highlighting the L003 2K24’s power to transcend contexts and traverse all landscapes. Before the camera, the L003 2K24 is also a star – an elevated, lightweight and meticulous running-inspired design. Crafted with versatility in mind, it is suitable for all contexts.

Photos: Courtesy of Lacoste

The L003 2K24 is the most elevated and intricate and meticulous incarnation of the L003 yet. The material quality is the very highest – and the shoe is lightweight and technologically advanced, ideal for movement and freedom. It comes with a soft and comfortable EVA midsole, and TPU reinforcement. There is also a multi-panelled upper, with mesh and suede and an eye-catching synthetic leather overlay, which comes with striking Lacoste branding printed on the side panel. The sneaker’s running codes are visible clearly in the sole – built for free-moving and designed to liberate every flex. It comes with special anti-slip spikes, specially developed for unrestrained action and perfectly in keeping with the “grounded” message of the campaign. Colour-ways include a timeless white-green, which nods to the palette of tennis and Lacoste’s heritage, and a classic all-black. Various multi-colour styles add energy and variation, including eye-catching green-black, yellow-black, orange-green and a refined red, white, and blue. Some colorways come with energetic flashes of metallic that nod to the idea of a shoe in constant speed and motion.

Photos: Courtesy of Lacoste

The L003 2K24 moves in step with Lacoste’s iconic crocodile. The energy is strong and powerful, and yet always on-the-go. The ethos is clear: shoes in the game, feet on the ground.

The L003 2K24 will be available worldwide on