Leem - Nothing but knits: This comfy, chic trend is here to stay

What's worse than the idea of having to layer thermals, sweaters, socks, gloves, hats, and coats (we can go on and on)?
Courtesy of Leem

Just thinking about all this makes our eyes roll and throws us off with a huge chance of us cancelling our plans. Calling for the ultimate chic staple wear ‘The Knits’ - this doesn't have to be the case anymore.

The beauty of knitwear is that it's comfortable, easy to wear, and most importantly gives you the warmth needed this winter season. Knitted dresses can be dressed casually with sneakers or elevated with boots or heels and paired with beautiful accessories for the ultimate look.

Introducing a wide range of iconic winter knit pieces with fun colours and patterns, the AW22 collection by Saudi Arabia’s modern fashion house Leem showcases a wide range of knit pieces that can be layered or paired according to your style preferences suitable for every woman and every occasion.

Opt for Leem’s winter knit collection pieces designed in eye-catching hues for an essential day-to-evening aesthetic, and start building your winter layers that form the perfect winter-season wardrobe!