Les Exclusifs de CHANEL - Le Lion

Middle East Exclusivity

We are delighted to announce the launch of Le Lion de CHANEL, on May 8th exclusively in the Middle East. The new fragrance from Les Exclusifs range will launch worldwide in January 2021.

Certain coincidences have the power to forge destinies. For Gabrielle Chanel, the lion was one of them. The fifth sign of the Zodiac, the lion watched over her from the day she was born on August 19, 1883. Superstitious and fascinated by the stars, Gabrielle quickly considered the animal associated with her birth date as a source of luck.

Olivier Polge did not devote his new creation to the animal, but the vision that CHANEL cultivates of it. "I was much more interested in the emblematic CHANEL lion than the animal."  says Perfumer-Creator for the House of CHANEL.

This appropriation of the animal by the House gave him the idea to leave his own mark on a powerful archetype: oriental fragrances. Taming the codes of this olfactory family, he imagined a trail with a refined intensity, contained by a soft and warm signature. A sophisticated composition with a force that rises to the surface without ever overflowing. A lion that does not need to roar to command respect. A resolutely elegant oriental.

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