Louis Vuitton Announces K-Pop Group RIIZE As New House Ambassadors

Louis Vuitton has announced the Korean boyband, RIIZE, as its latest House Ambassadors.
Photo: Courtesy of Louis Vuitton

SM Entertainment’s new boy group made their debut on September 4th, 2023. The group’s name, RIIZE, combines ‘Rise’ and ‘Realize,’ symbolizing growth and the achievement of aspirations, respectively, capturing the essence of ‘a team that grows together and realizes dreams’. Since their debut, RIIZE has garnered global attention for their unique style, personality, and music, notably shaping their own distinct musical genre – Emotional Pop.

RIIZE, through their emotionally charged pop music, aims to connect with audiences worldwide by highlighting the universal feelings of everyday life and shared experiences. Their debut single album, “Get A Guitar”, released in September of this year, made a significant impact by becoming a million-seller within a week and topping international charts.

The group has garnered significant attention for its trendsetting and confident fashion style. Their comfortable and liberating fashion choices have already piqued interest in the fashion world, and they are eagerly anticipating future collaborations and adventures with Louis Vuitton.

With a shared commitment to creativity, Louis Vuitton is delighted to begin working with RIIZE on an exciting collaborative journey ahead.