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MEYER: “I value independence and freedom of music vision”

Ukrainian sound producer and songwriter Meyer spoke exclusively for L'Officiel Arabia about how he got on the musical path, about the beginning of his career, the first difficult steps and recognition in the world.
Meyer, Sound producer and Songwriter | Photo: Courtesy of Meyer

L'Officiel Arabia: What brought you in the field of music? How has the career of a sound producer began?

Meyer: Since early childhood I didn't like the music at the local radio station, fast forward some time and I overheard the bands like Queen, Pink Floyd, Daft Punk and Prodigy, at that time Ukraine was just up and coming and playing catch up with easy access internet at the time, so the music was very limited in terms of an outreach. One day one of my friends gave me a CD with some DJ compilations by Tiesto, Armin Van Buuren and Paul Oakenfold. I was so heavily impressed by depth and complexity of this music that I decided, deep down in my heart to learn DJing and music production at tits core

LO A: Whats the most value in your work? How much time do you devote to your craft?

Meyer: I value independence and freedom of music vision, I produce music when I want to, without any constraints nor time limits. I usually produce a demo swiftly and as gimmicky as it might sound. I don't like to sit on one project for a very long time. As long as I have a core idea and direction for the track I am about to produce, other elements come to me naturally. 

Meyer, Sound producer and Songwriter | Photo: Courtesy of Meyer


“I wanted to make the world aware

of the atrocities and struggles that are unfolding

in my country.“


LO A: What world-class artists do you collaborate with and whom do you plan to work with in the future?

Meyer: I work with Miss Monique (Siona Records), some vocalists like Leo Wood (Anjunabeats), TonyB is a talent from the US, his mesmerizing voice and approach to RnB inspired me to work with him on a production of our own. When it comes to music producers I dream of collaborating with The Weeknd, Anyma, CamelPhat, Fideles, Eric Prydz & Boris Brejcha.

LO A: Did the music market change with war in Ukraine? What did it become?

Meyer: Yes, it did! The market has changed dramatically! Finally the Ukrainian artists started to compose Ukrainian themed music, its a pivotal thing for our future as a nation and preservation of culture as a whole! We have a huge array of talented composers in Ukraine, which allowed and paved the way for Ukrainian music to become some sort of a new trend all over the world, Ive heard Ukrainian lyrics and vocal samples in dance music tracks with Boris Brejcha and MRAK (one of the member of Tale of Us) lots of Ukrainian artists have gigs in Europe and the US, I'm not even talking about ARTBAT or Miss Monique, who have had tours all over the world prior to the events that unfolded a year ago. Ukrainian artists have placed themselves on the map and it allowed them to create music collaborations with the names like David Guetta, Ed Sheeran, Pink Floyd, etc.

Meyer, Sound producer and Songwriter | Photo: Courtesy of Meyer

LO A: We know that you were working on a song for an artist when shelling occurred outside your household.  What motivated you to compose a song and risk your life at the same time?

Meyer: I felt deep pain in my soul and an overwhelming hatred, I could not fathom the fact that this could actually happen in the 21st century. I just wanted to make the world aware of the atrocities and struggles that are unfolding in the country. The type of aggression that was imposed by The Russian Federation towards the sovereign state of Ukraine, bombing and killing civilians is rampant and beyond sinister. I produced some themed songs for some Ukrainian artists to show support and solidarity with people of Ukraine, as well as supporting our boys at the Armed Forces, who bravely protect my motherland against the aggressor!

LO A: Who is Meyer?

Meyer: Meyer is a music project that explores the other dark, deep side of my musical journey. Something I was always trying to show but didn't have a chance to. However, this year is the year when I feel unshackled despite the circumstances within the nation

LO A: Basic, but at the same time a very fundamental question. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Meyer: Very good question indeed. Meyer is going to be a big artist, the goal of which would be in the same bracket as Tiesto, David Guetta, Diplo, Calvin Harris with as many streams around the world as is humanly possible. Hey, dont quote me on that! A boy can dream too! Ha!