MOYNAT : Personalize Your Own

Every MOYNAT creation is unique. The Maison has offered a range of online and in-store personalization services to transform your item into a one-of-a-kind piece that is exclusively yours.
Courtesy of MOYNAT

The next chapter opened when the Art Deco artist Henri Rapin joined the Maison in 1905. Rapin’s prolific talent as a graphic designer was so well ahead of his time that the examples his lettering in the archive still look breathtakingly modern. His best known work for the maison is the Toile 1920, the M monogram, formed by alternating lines of the letter “M” in a deco motif designed to protect the maison from copying.

Much like the precious relationship between artisanal creator and artistic creation, the bond between owner and the Moynat object is particularly personal. Each order placed is an invitation to experience not only exceptional leathers goods but also remarkably special care. Since 1849, the House has decorated clients’ names, stripes and family crests onto globe-trotting trunks. Hand-painted, the intimate tradition of these emblems resonates to this day with both initial design and unique lettering available upon request. Eschewing stencils, each letter is individually painted in Moynat’s Parisian studio in either an archival font from the House’s history or a design newly imagined for the owner.

Images: Courtesy of MOYNAT