Made in UAE Fashion Brand Transforms Streetwear into Stylish Self-Expression

Made in UAE Premium brand JOKES ASIDE Makes Its Mark by securing Fourth Retail Space, The funky streetwear brand aims to create an inclusive subculture that inspires the city’s nonconformists.

Embracing the essence of Dubai's urban spirit, JOKES ASIDE emerges as a leading independent fashion brand, fresh from securing its fourth physical retail location. Catering to those who dare to stand out, this premium streetwear label is all about transforming everyday stories into wearable art.

The bold and vibrant streetwear label which launched in March 2023 is not just about clothes; it is a celebration of individuality, confidence, and fearless self-expression. Designed and crafted entirely in the UAE, each piece embodies a unique narrative, turning personal experiences into fashion statements that resonate with a global audience.

Founded by creative entrepreneur Ibrahim Abudyak, JOKES ASIDE draws inspiration from his personal journey of self-discovery. Escaping the confines of societal norms, Ibrahim reimagined his path, ultimately channeling his creativity into founding a brand that champions authenticity and positivity. Today, JOKES ASIDE stands tall as a symbol of creativity and empowerment in the UAE's burgeoning fashion landscape.

Targeting Gen Z, early Millennials, and the young at heart, JOKES ASIDE offers a diverse range of unisex apparel. From asymmetrical tees to funky caps, each design is crafted to provoke thoughts and inspire conversation. The brand's collections, 'Forever Young' and 'What’s Next', are just the beginning, with more innovative lines on the horizon and they currently offer around 30 designs featuring vibrant and funky visuals.

"We're not just about fashion; we're about creating a movement," says Ibrahim Abudyak, Founder and Creative Director of JOKES ASIDE. "Our goal is to foster a community where self-expression reigns supreme. Through our bold designs and high-quality craftsmanship, we aim to empower individuals to embrace their true selves and celebrate life's quirks."

Committed to sustainability and local talent, JOKES ASIDE collaborates with UAE-based artists and uses locally sourced materials while supporting the ethos of slow fashion. With a rapidly growing fan base and four new retail spaces secured within a month, including the latest addition at Alserkal Avenue's 222 Concept Store, the brand is set to expand its footprint while staying true to its roots.

JOKES ASIDE is eyeing further expansion to build on its success and support the creative community. It initially fostered popularity from hosting pop-ups in events including BRED Abu Dhabi in 2023 and 2024 and the Etisalat MOTB (Market Outside The Box) in 2024 that welcomed the general public and even experienced sold out stocks.

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