Magda Butrym’s Fall/Winter 2023 Collection

For the Fall and Winter 2023 season, Magda Butrym has unveiled her exploration of maximalism and opulence through her distinctive lens of modern femininity.
Photos: Courtesy of Magda Butrym

She delivers a luxurious collection that awes in novel, bold shapes while remaining sensual and romantic, proving yet again that statement fashion doesn't have to feel androgynous or overly masculine. This season, the designer's new vision is strongly inspired by Japanese culture; the silhouettes, colours and prints are becoming the fil rouge of the whole collection. This sort of Asian influence concerns shapes and prints, and embroideries but twisted with a Slavic touch that reminds us of the old eastern way of dressing. Infusing that raw character, richness and sensuality into every piece became the motto for the collection.

Craftsmanship, one of the brand's building blocks, is, this time, channelled beyond the traditional use of just detail into creating complete silhouettes. Masculine, voluminous jackets, strong lines of oversized pants and sculpted dresses convey confidence and comfort, and the elaborate contrasting lace and embellished details evoke sophisticated romanticism. When juxtaposed, the two worlds bring the effortless Magda Butrym look of perfectly balanced, refined, and rich femininity. Oversized cocooning faux fur and shearling coats, this season's key looks and winter exaggerated tailoring layering matched with headbands that remind of ancient Slavic culture and the women portraits of Polish artist Tamara Lempicka.

Colours this season are darker and more saturated, and silhouettes are sharp. Fabrics are warm for more daywear looks and special night see-through ones with a touch of deep night blue sequin.

Magda reworks her signature decorative elements – the ruffles, creases, and foldings, and gives them a new, notable presence and volume on an enticing line-up of dresses: from strong-shouldered, print-rich, gathered, wire sculpture mini dresses to the full-length, sensual, luxurious silk slip-on's – each time "the Magda dress" stands out as an exciting, visually striking statement. When looking at the season's signature piece – Magda turned her signature rose into a 3D sculpted flower dress construction, one can't escape the feeling of this oversized silk rose being the proud celebration of powerful femininity.

This season the Magda Bag takes centre stage yet again. The bag launches as an addition to the permanent collection alongside Magda's extensive range of crystal-studded, leather and crocheted lucky charm bags. The striking silhouette bucket bags in various sizes in super deluxe leather, crochet, organza, crystal embroidery, pearl and silk satin have large roses on both sides, giving the collection a truly luxurious, sensual feeling. Botanical and crochet elements have been integral to the brand since its inception. The Magda Bag brings a special touch to any outfit, offering true versatility and added dash of glamour. Alongside the main collection are the shoes and accessories, which complete this collection's spirit. Thighhigh shearling boots, knee-high boots that vary in texture from leather, satin, faux fur to embroidery, delicate strappy blooming sandals with Magda's signature in spectacular romantic print silk, or pointy satin mules offer a balanced act of a timeless design with contemporary, eye-catching detail. The jewellery collection uses enduring gold and silver decorated crystal and pearls to create uniquely sophisticated pieces that aptly conclude the distinctive look of Magda Butrym, the one of effortless, romantic elegance and confident femininity.

This collection is an ode and celebration of every woman who wants to feel notable, first and foremost herself.






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Photos: Courtesy of Magda Butrym