Make Father's Day Unforgettable with Vilebrequin's New Collection & Film!

Dive into summer with Vilebrequin special Father's Day collection and make joyful memories with your loved ones!
Photo: Courtesy of Vilebrequin

Vilebrequin introduced the “What They Teach Us” film directed and choreographed by Adrien Dantou.

Highlighting the lessons that we learn from each other as fathers and sons and who’s doing the teaching to who.

A tender exploration of the ways in which we help each other grow, “What They Teach Us” shows us three real-life dads and their boys following in each other’s footsteps, in every sense!

Swaying, doing the sidestep, fooling about barefoot. Like a good swimsuit, good moves are timeless. As father and son, we’re free to discover the most authentic, joyful versions of ourselves.

And that’s worth celebrating!

We sat down with dancers Clément and Malow, Milan and Cyril, Georges and Yves-Georges, to revisit their favorite memories, adventures, and everything they’ve learned.

Photo: Courtesy of Vilebrequin

“The best thing he ever thaught me” Malow & Clément

“My dad taught me that the two most important things in life are being polite and kind. He also showed me you have to be brave. Never give up.”

Malow & Clément wear the 2023 Father’s Day print, Piranhas!

Photo: Courtesy of Vilebrequin

“My favorite memory with him” Milan & Cyril

“The thing that stays with me the most is our road trips together, biking and riding in the van. I loved it! I still do it with friends or by myself”

Photo: Courtesy of Vilebrequin

“An adventure I want to share with him” Georges & Yves-Georges

“I dream of going back to Thailand with him, taking him back to the places we visited when we were kids.”