Mallet London: 3 All-Black Sneakers To Take Your Fits to the Dark Side

In fashion, black sneakers stand out for their timeless elegance and adaptability. Mallet London elevates this classic look with innovative designs to take your fits to the dark side.
Photo: Courtesy of Mallet London

Mallet London's all-black sneakers effortlessly blend style and function. Whether it's modern elegance, athletic urban cool, or dynamic style that draws you in, these sneakers are your key to embracing the dark side of fashion with confidence and flair.

Drawing inspiration from London's iconic Gherkin building, the Neptune Black Runner features black ripstop and matte leather, effortlessly infusing a touch of runway flair to any outfit. On the other hand, the Holloway sneaker offers an impeccable fusion of athletic performance and urban cool crafted with versatile materials, making it an ideal choice for every occasion.

From Left: Mallet Angel Triple Black, Mallet Holloway Black, Mallet Neptune Black Runner | Photos: Courtesy of Mallet London

Meanwhile, drawing cues from Islington's Angel Central, the Angel Triple Black showcases captivating angel wing patterns, harmonizing sporty ripstop, suede, and leather for a dynamic blend of style and comfort.

Mallet London | @mallet_london