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Man of the Moment: Cory Tran

Cory Tran is a fashion designer, art director, and magazine producer with a fashion production company in Vietnam and New York known as Cory Couture Productions.
Total Look: Kenzo

Cory became a fashion designer in 2004 and his first muse wearing his first mini collection was Kelly Rowland end of 2004. Cory started to design for Toni Braxton, Nicole Scherzinger, Naomi Campbell, Rita Ora, Jessie J, Fan Bing Bing, Janet Jackson, and many other big stars. Cory became magazine producer end of 2014 and his first magazine cover that he produced was for Harper Bazaar Vietnam with  supermodel, Naomi Campbell in 2015.  His producing career was blowing up and some his biggest covers that he produced with Neymar Jr for Vogue Homme Arabia, Nicki Minaj for Harper Bazaar Russia, Fan Bing Bing for Vogue Czech Republic, Janet Jackson for Bazaar Vietnam, Kris Wu for Bazaar China, and Christina Aguilera for L'officiel Italia. Since 2004 until 2024 Cory had been working with many big celebrities and top magazines around the world.

L'Officiel United Kingdom: What inspired you to venture into the fashion industry, and how did your journey as a fashion designer begin in 2004?

Cory Tran: During my staying in Tokyo, Japan 2004, I had a chance to meet one local paper flower designers there and he taught me how to make flowers just folding the papers, so I attempted to do 3 flower short dresses and the dress ended up wore by Kelly Rowland for US Today so from there I started my fashion career end of 2004.

Total Look: Kenzo

L'O UK: Could you share some highlights or memorable moments from your experiences working with renowned celebrities such as Kelly Rowland, Toni Braxton, and Naomi Campbell?

CT: It was my dreams came true to work with the 3 amazing top ladies that I considered as my idols. Kelly was sweet and fun to work with and she wore my first couture collection I designed in Japan for US Today. Naomi was super professional and she wore feather head piece for Harper Bazaar Vietnam cover. Toni wore my silky white cape at the shoot also for Bazaar Vietnam cover and I never forgot how sweet she was to me all times at the shoot.

L'O UK: As the founder of Cory Couture Productions, what are some key principles or values that guide your fashion production company in both Vietnam and New York?

CT: As the founder of Cory Couture Productions since 2004 in US to expend around Asia 2015 that I had chance to work with many celebrities, magazines, clothing brands, and top people in this fashion industry, so I have to say being honest is the foundation of building trust, both in personal relationships and business.

Blue Tank Top: Fendi

L'O UK: You've transitioned into magazine production as well. What prompted this shift in your career, and what challenges did you face entering the publishing world?

CT: As I said I started out as fashion designer since 2004 and got so popular very fast until 2010, I got very sick then I decided to give up my fashion career until 2013, I decided to produce magazines with celebrities since I been working with them for a long time. I'm honestly never had any problem to switch over different career because people already knew me for years during my fashion career so it was so easy for me to get into a magazines world.

L'O UK: With such an impressive portfolio of magazine covers featuring global icons like Neymar Jr, Nicki Minaj, and Janet Jackson, how do you approach the creative process of producing captivating and influential editorial content?

CT: I always have amazing teams such as photographers, stylists, and art directors in Europe and US that been working me for many years. With a stronger teams I have, we always came up with many interesting concepts for those amazing celebrities to work with us.

Black Jacket: Kenzo

L'O UK: What's next for Cory?

CT: I'm keeping to travel around the world to work with many celebrities that I never worked before and trying to produce more beautiful covers with different magazines that I never done producing before and also to prepare my 20th Year Anniversary event end of this year 2024. Thank you so much to L'officiel UK to give me a chance to share about my career.

Gray Suit Jacket: Balmain


Talent: Cory Tran (Cory Couture) @corycoutureproductions
Photographer: Dalong Yang @dalongdalong
Stylist: Steve Doan @stevendoanstyle
Makeup: Selena Thitichotisakun @selena_makeupp
Photography Assistant: Meng

Producer: Valentina Gurova
Valentina Gurova: @valentinagurova