Marushika's Debut Collection "Idaya" Sets A New Standard In Luxury Fashion

Marushika, Dubai’s newest luxury fashion label is making waves in the fashion scene with its inaugural collection, "Idaya".

Founded by Creative Director Manisha Verma, Marushika is inspired by cultural narratives and artistic traditions, blending heritage and modernity to create a unique narrative in luxury fashion.

For women across the GCC who seek a sophisticated and artistic alternative to everyday professional attire, Marushika’s jumpsuits and trouser sets offer wearable art using high-quality materials.

In Marushika’s ‘Aura’ jumpsuit, the aquatic artwork draws inspiration from the graceful movements of fish, while the colours reflect tranquillity and stability. Featuring intricate Swarovski detailing and full embroidery on sumptuous silk satin, it allows the wearer to project a vision of calm sophistication.

Crafty Tusker

At the heart of the ‘Crafty Tusker’ are the majestic elephant tusks, a motif used regularly in Madhubani paintings to symbolise strength, power, and resilience. Rendered in a lush green hue with dazzling Swarovski crystals interwoven to the satin tones, and printed artwork highlighted by precision outline embroidery, the trouser set promises a fit of tailored elegance.

Power of Determination
Messenger of Peace

Like the unfathomable depths of the big blue ocean, the ‘Power of Determination’ is a three-piece jacket and trouser set that is a testament to the relentless spirit that dwells within. Across its luxurious raw silk canvas, skillfully embroidered fishes glide with unwavering purpose, while delicate Swarovski crystals embellish the embroidered panels and add to the sophisticated grace of the ensemble.

The ‘Messenger of Peace’ Blue Top & Trouser Set is crafted from luxurious silk satin, shimmering in a colour reminiscent of a clear blue sky. It features delicate birds in mid-flight amid the splendour of nature, captivating with its message of peace, while intricate craftmanship is illuminated with Swarovski crystals.

Browse the entire 'IDAYA' collection from Marushika online at marushikaofficial or for a personalised experience, visit their boutique in Dubai Design District, Building 5, Unit A104.