Meemo: Revolutionizing the Fashion of Kanduras Through Technology

Convenience paired with quality is the concept Meemo was born to fulfill, a new online luxury fashion brand specializing in the Gulf’s most distinguished style garment, the Kandura, introducing it to modern generations of men who express tradition with a personal touch.

What makes Meemo’s Kanduras different is the meticulous attention to create the perfect fit for customers, using their personalized requests to design a style that expresses their individuality, with a premium selection of fabrics sourced from globally renowned producers from the United Kingdom, Japan, Switzerland and Italy, the variety of colors and weights provides multiple options for customers while remaining true to the essence and brand standards of Meemo.

The process starts with choosing the design, Arabic or Kuwaiti, matching it with the desired fabrics. Customers can order the swatch book online to feel the fabrics and keep it for future references. Multiple customization options are available to choose from, with the possibility for customers to include their own requests and create their unique Kandura details. Upon appointment confirmation, the house’s skilled stylists will visit them in the comfort of their home or office for measurement taking, and to receive any design changes the customer would like to make to his order. Shipping takes between 4 – 6 days and is free of charge for all orders. Meemo elevates online Kandura ordering to a new luxury and convenience standard.

The brand also stocks a range of ghutras, shemaghs, agals, ghafiyas, shorts, wizars, as well as undershirts to complete outfits, providing a complete look designed for the modern, stylish Gulf male. For the younger generation, Meemo can also craft Kanduras for little ones, making them as stylish as the rest of the family.

Designed for men of all ages, Meemo’s Kanduras are a statement of modernity, confidence and style, brought together through convenient service and bespoke craftsmanship. Born in Abu Dhabi, UAE, authenticity lives in the heart of every detail and stitch in every created Kandura, for customers to proudly wear it in their everyday life and special occasions.

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