Michellin-starred Chefs at Hotel Métropole Monte-Carlo share their Renowned Recipes

Culinary stars Christophe Cussac and Patrick Mesiano of Joël Robuchon Monte Carlo share their signature recipes

Looking for some culinary inspiration this summer while cooking at home?  Monaco’s Michellin-starred Chef Christophe Cussac has shared the secrets behind his renowned dish, La Monte Carlo.

For those looking to savour their sweet tooth, pastry chef Patrick Mesiano reveals the recipes for his famous Lemon cake and half-baked chocolate that pair perfectly with La Monte Carlo.

Both the chefs’ simple yet decadent culinary masterpieces can be found at the two Michellin-starred Joël Robuchon Monte Carlo, a Mediterranean-inspired restaurant located at Hotel Métropole Monte-Carlo. The luxurious belle epoque-style hotel first opened in 1886 and is home to two Michelin-starred restaurants and ODYSSEY, a cocoon of well-being imagined and designed by the legendary Karl Lagerfeld.

La Monte-Carlo

King Crab, Young Vegetables And Di Buffala Mozzarella

Ingredients for 10 people

4 pieces Sucrine

8 pieces Piccadilly tomatoes

4 pieces (30 gram) Mozzarella

2 Pieces Avocado

King Crab or prawns 200g

Riquette 1 Bunch

Parmesan cheese 12 pieces

Sardinian bread 1 piece

Truffle 4 gram

Espelette pepper 4 pinches

Curry 4 pinches

Sherry vinegar 30ml

Olive oil 90ml



1.    Wash and trim each sucrine in 4 vertically, each tomato in and each mozzarella in 4

2.    Wash the avocado, remove the pit but keeping the skin. Then cut each half in 5 and remove the skin.

3.    Fry the King Crab mixed with curry in olive oil

4.    Mix the sherry vinegar seasoned with salt and pepper with olive oil. Season with salt and pepper with this vinaigrette

5.  Arrange harmoniously on the plate, add parmesan shavings, small riquette, Sardinian bread, pinches of Espelette pepper and the chopped truffle

Lemon Cake

Ingredients for 1 cake

Flour T55 105g

Baking yeast 3g

Caster Sugar 100g

Whole eggs 100g

Butter 50g

Lemon zests 10g

Milk 30g

Candied lemon cubes 50g

Ingredients for the syrup

Water 200g

Caster sugar 50g

Lemon juice 100g



1.    Whisk the eggs, sugar and zests together, then whip up the ribbon. Add the flour previously mixed with the baking powder. Mix lightly with a whisk. Add the milk, the butter ointment and the candied lemons.

2.    Butter and flour a cake tin, pour into the tin and bake at 200 Celsius, then lower the oven to 160 Celsius for about 30-40 minutes

3.    For the syrup: bring the water and sugar to the boil, add the lemon juice and set aside

4.    Prick the centre of the cake with a knife blade to check the consistency

5.    Once baked, remove the cake from the rack and soak it with the syrup at 50 Celsius


Allow to cool before tasting

Half – Baked Chocolate

Ingredients for 4 people

Dark Chocolate 70g

Butter 90g

Caster Sugar 120g

Eggs 150g

Flour T55 40g

Hazelnuts 50g



1.    Melt the chocolate and butter at 50 Celsius

2.    Beat the eggs and sugar with an electric mixer until the mixture whitens

3.    Pour the chocolate-butter mixture, then add the sifted flour

4.    Whisk everything together to obtain a homogenous mixture

5.    Place the appliance in individual moulds previously buttered and floured, garnish to ¾

6.    Sprinkle with crushed hazelnuts

7.    Cook in an oven at 190 Celsius for 5 minutes

8.  Remove on a rack once cooked, let stand 5 minutes, unmould and serve warm