Moncler Genius 2020 Exploring New Territories

Moncler Genius extends its pioneering spirit in 2020 as it continues to enhance its exploration into new horizons.

Giving a voice to personal creativity, a symposium of designers are invited to give their unique take on Moncler, and boundaries are broken as the creative hub goes beyond fashion into the world of experience. Each Moncler Genius collection has a dedicated launch date, ensuring a facilitation of personal expression that rolls out ceaselessly through the year.



In 2020 experience becomes a fundamental asset for Moncler Genius, with an expansive outlook when it comes to potential areas of collaboration. On this brand-defining conviction, Moncler Genius extends its vision as innovators of the outdoors by joining forces with MATE.BIKE, the pioneering electric vehicle brand founded in Copenhagen in 2016.

MONCLER MATE.BIKE offers a novel take on progressive travel intersecting fashion, tech and sustainability, created for the extreme terrain of the mountain and the snow, testing the boundaries of conventional commuting and personal expression.

Framed in space-grade aluminum and available in peak white and deep black, MONCLER MATE.BIKE takes technical performance and presentation to new heights with an unprecedented level of detail. Power is supplied with two motor options at a performance-tuned 250 watts or 1’000 watts, delivering throttle speeds of 25 kilometers per hour. The battery delivers unmatched torque to tackle steep ascents with 48 volts, the highest capacity in the industry assuring 110 kilometers on a single charge. Extra speed can be unlocked on private properties by typing a special code, unleashing full potential of near 50 kilometers per hour.

Within a classically Moncler blend of performance, style and protection, the collaboration comes with a versatile hooded mantel in three-layer nylon that can act as cape, pillow, or battery cover. Completely waterproof and fully thermotaped, the garment is designed to protect and warm, able to close on itself like a pillow, or act as a shield against unexpected storms.


MONCLER MATE.BIKE is available in selected Moncler boutiques.