Moncler Owns the Mountain with the Opening of its First Ever Moncler Grenoble Flagship Destination and a Global Campaign

The winter season kicks off in St. Moritz with the unveiling of the first store dedicated entirely to Moncler Grenoble and a campaign starring champion athletes Xuetong Cai, Perrine Laffont, Richard Permin and Shaun White
Photo: Cai Xuetong, Shaun White, Perrine Laffont, Richard Permin | Shot by Jamie Hawkesworth | Courtesy of Moncler

On a path to continuously elevate technicality to its highest beauty, Moncler presents – in the heart of St. Moritz - its first ever flagship store entirely dedicated to the world of Moncler Grenoble. Performance and style live harmoniously in this new home for outdoor excellence, where the brand doubles down on its mountain DNA. The space showcases the very best of Moncler Grenoble in all its facets, from the most technical and innovative pieces to cozy après ski and lightweight outdoor ensembles, all featuring the brand’s signature sophisticated design.

To provide a further glimpse of a world that goes beyond performance, this season the global campaign - shot by Jamie Hawkesworth - stars four world-renowned winter athletes. Xuetong Cai, Perrine Laffont, Richard Permin, and Shaun White take us on a journey where their technical skills on the toughest alpine peaks meet the tender side of the mountain, allowing for memorable and emotional experiences with nature and the great outdoors. Ultimately exemplifying how Moncler Grenoble seamlessly merges its technical mountain heritage with an intrinsic spirit for connection.


Against a backdrop of snow-kissed landscapes, the brand’s first-ever Moncler Grenoble flagship store opens in the heart of St. Moritz, one of the most prestigious luxury shopping destinations in the Swiss Alps. Conceived as a space to equip and inspire mountain lovers all year round, the store marks a significant milestone in enhancing the Moncler Grenoble dimension of the brand, and acts as a hub to showcase the full offer of high-performance clothing and luxurious layers, where the heartbeat of Moncler Grenoble resonates, and the pulse of the mountains can be felt in every corner of the space.

Designed by Küchel Architects as a heartfelt ode to the brand’s heritage, the 300-square-meter interior draws inspiration from the surrounding wild landscapes and is brought to life through natural materials, both in their raw unprocessed state and adapted for functional features, including seating areas and display systems. An extraordinary forest-like atmosphere springs into realization courtesy of grand wooden tree sculptures that climb high above eye level, drawing attention to the impressive double-height ceilings. The finishes and textures in the space are informed by the elements of the Engadin area, where potted natural pines merge with branch-inspired art displays to create an environment that resembles a woodland haven. Finally, a central stone catwalk commands attention, gracefully presenting the brand's latest collections with refinement and sophistication.

Constructed following high international standards in terms of energy efficiency and environmental impact, the store has obtained LEED certification, one of the most recognized environmental building rating systems.


A new global campaign reveals the often-unseen side of champion athletes at the apex, exploring the human spirit and community building of professional skiers and snowboarders. To usher in a new season of Moncler Grenoble, the brand invited its ambassadors, including Olympic Gold medalist and 5-time World Champion mogul skier Perrine Laffont, legendary freerider Richard Permin, World Champion snowboarder Xuetong Cai, and 3-time Olympic Gold medalist snowboarder Shaun White to spend some time together in Switzerland. The aim wasn’t to further master their craft, but to create a retreat where they could explore what continues to motivate them after every downhill adventure. The time allowed for reflection on how a life moved by mountains goes beyond performance, and that slopes not only demand the highest levels of technical excellence, but also create space for meaningful connections, friendship, and lasting memories.

The Beyond Performance campaign shot by Jamie Hawkesworth, and the accompanying film by Benn Northover, capture the group as they commune with the mountain and each other, cutting from adrenalin-fueled descents, to more intimate, off-duty moments.

The campaign also features a technical snowboard created by Moncler in partnership with Shaun White’s WHITESPACE brand. Crafted with a lightweight wood core wrapped in a carbon infused ultra-dense fiberglass weave, which reduces bulk while increasing power, the design boasts a tapered surf-inspired shape for a ride that snakes in and out of the snow.