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NEMER SAADÉ: A Timeless Journey to the Middle Ages and Renaissance

Step into a world of timeless elegance and embrace the allure of the Middle Ages and Renaissance.
Photos: Courtesy of NEMER SAADÉ

The NEMER SAADÉ fashion house presented a collection that draws inspiration from a bygone era, weaving together the rich tapestry of history with a feel of modern sophistication.

This S/S 24 collection will transport you to a realm of opulence and style.

In a world dominated by trends that come and go, this collection pays homage to the enduring beauty of the Middle Ages and Renaissance. These were eras defined by
grandeur, intricate details, and a profound appreciation for craftsmanship. They were periods where fashion became a medium for storytelling, power, emotions, and dreams.

For men, our suits reflect the noble and formidable aesthetics of knights and lords. Embroidered fabrics, Exquisite damasks, brocades, and velvets revel in the play of light and shadow. Stately silhouettes, accentuated by hand-stitched embellishments, tailored to ensure modern comfort and versatility.

For women, the collection pays homage to the regal grace and delicacy of dominant art in both medieval and renaissance. Luxurious embellished and embroidered fabric with artful elegance, celebrate the ornate beauty of both eras. From romantic, cocktail dresses to modern fit tailored suits accentuated by the art of medieval and renaissance. Each piece ignites the femininity within and allows you to feel like a modern-day woman.

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This collection is not merely a revival of antiquity, 

but a celebration of the timelessness of true artistry.


Expert tailors and artisans have poured their passion into every stitch, ensuring that each piece stands as a testament to the eternal beauty and sophistication of an age that continues to captivate us.

This season the NEMER SAADÉ fashion house bridges the gap between the past and the present, creating a collection that honors tradition while embracing contemporary fashion.

Embarking on a sartorial journey of bespoke fashion, with every piece you can channel the invincibility of a world long gone but never forgotten. A story of timeless elegance and true craftsmanship. A fashion collection that stands at the crossroads of history and contemporary style.