New & Improved Teint Idole Ultra Wear Upgraded to Give Every Skin Type, Tone & Concern the Thinnest, Most Breathable Natural Matte

Photos: Courtesy of LancÔme

Updated and improved to meet women’s most pressing skin desires, Teint Idole Ultra Wear has become a global icon. An ally, a means of self-expression and empowerment; it remains Lancôme’s best-selling foundation[1], achieving outstanding proven performance – year after year. No wonder it is consistently one of the most beloved foundations worldwide.

Since then, it has become renowned for its winning technology and is synonymous with a round-the-clock natural matte finish that delivers maximum comfort, lasting coverage and hydration with no streaking, caking or masking.

Following 26 years of science since the first Teint Idole, the upgraded Teint Idole Ultra Wear is patented until 2033, it’s backed by 14 tests and 11 years of development. Today, the remarkable story continues as Lancôme pushes the boundaries with a new and improved Teint Idole Ultra Wear patented formula that defies expectation and aims to help everyone find their perfect match. In a consumer test on 215 women, 9 out of 10 women found a shade that flatters and matches their skin tone.

A new era in foundation technology is coming. A new Teint Idole Ultra Wear takes longwear to the next-level as the thinnest, most breathable foundation in our most inclusive shade range. Life-proof and a life-long partner: new Teint Idole Ultra Wear is the foundation you deserve. You shine. But this natural matte doesn’t.

Reach a new level of breathability

With our most tested, trusted and loved foundation ever

Get ready to elevate your longwear and leave your skin free to move. Building on the first iteration of Teint Idole Ultra, new Teint Idole Wear Ultra gives you 24-hour undetectable coverage* in our thinnest, most breathable formula yet. Get ready to reach a new level of all-day comfort and weightless longwear.

Powered by advanced Airwear Technology™ Teint Idole Ultra Wear is so weightless that you cannot even feel it. As thin as air, it’s breathable while maintaining a 24-hour natural matte full coverage result.

The upgraded Teint Idole Ultra Wear is enriched with an 81% skincare serum, a protective urban shield and SPF 35. Now performing better than ever, the new formula is sweat-proof, and contains Hyaluronic Acid, Moringa, Vitamin E and Pre-probiotics to deliver lasting hydration, an anti-pollution effect[2] and skin barrier protection.

LancÔme International Scientific Director Dr Annie Black

’With skinification, we are no longer only satisfied with the initial criteria that define a good makeup product. We go beyond that by trying to understand how it can also improve the look and feel of the skin. It is through this approach that we can decide on which active ingredient to use in our formulas.’’

Life-proof for all skin types and concerns

Now there’s a Teint Idole Ultra Wear for you.

Even better than ever before, Teint Idole Ultra Wear brings ultimate skinclusivity to fit skin need and concerns: by covering imperfections, blemishes, acne marks, redness, etc. Life-proof and full-proof for your skins, it achieves natural coverage that never masks; flawless matte with no caking; an ultra-fresh sensation that is lightweight, with a high-comfort formula, that’s never drying or clogging.

Tested in real life and under extreme conditions, the new killer formula remained transfer-proof and oil-proof in a 7-day trial, humidity-proof in a Hamman test on 30 women, and sweat-proof in a sauna test on 33 women. Tested on sports sessions on 196 women, it resisted all of life’s challenges to give you ultimate sweat, heat and humidity-resistant skin confidence, Teint Idole Ultra Wear now adapts to your skin’s needs, from acne-prone to oily, sensitive and dry skin by absorbing and mattifying sebum and blurring pores while remaining supremely thin and fresh.

A reinvented shade range

An upgraded high-tech formula meets our best-in-class shade range that delivers a better accuracy, especially on deep and medium shades. No more guesswork, ashiness or grey undertones: now there’s a Teint Idole for you thanks to 24 shades, developed with advanced pigment expertise and based on a multi-cultural beauty study of 3,000 women in 7 countries across 4 continents.

·       For deep shades: An ultramarine blue pigment ensures the tone remains pure and deep, never ashy.

·       For olive skin tones: A new oxide green pigment is neither too yellow nor too orange.

As a result, 9 out of 10 women found a shade that flatters and matches their skin tone.

**. In a quantitative test of 215 women, there was a 98% shade match. The new Teint Idole has an aim to have every shade for every woman.

Free your skin, no matter what your shade: With Lancôme’s Shade Finder service, available at select Lancôme counters, an advanced algorithm based on 22,000+ shade match databases from 30 countries delivers a precise analysis to find your perfect match in minutes.

Most tested, trusted, most loved

Outstanding results in consumer tests

Proven in our biggest and most comprehensive study ever for a foundation, Teint Idole Ultra Wear achieved superior results when tested by consumers**.

Even better wear

96% overall lasting satisfaction

94% wears for 24 hours

91% color doesn’t oxidize or darken, turn gray or darken

Even better comfort

94% feels weightless on the skin

95% feels lightweight on application        

96% feels weightless on the skin for 24 hours

Even better make up results

92% enables full coverage for 24 hours

93% provides good coverage

94% evens out/unifies the skin tone

91% skin tone appears even for 24 hours

91% product minimizes imperfections such as redness, yellowness, greyness and dark spots

Sleek, elevated, sustainable

An even better bottle

In celebration of most weightless and undetectable Teint Idole Ultra Wear and Lancôme’s commitments towards greater sustainability, the patented formula comes in an elegant, 100% recyclable bottle with 25% post-consumer recycled glass inside.

Take natural matte to new heights

A new campaign celebrates the power of new Teint Idole Ultra Wear

Just because it's your time to shine doesn't mean your natural matte has to. Join Zendaya, Lily and Lupita and take control of your longwear. In a new campaign, they celebrate our most advanced longwear that frees your skin with 24-hour undetectable coverage for all skin types, tones and needs – now with more accurate shades for everyone. Elevate your longwear. You're back in control. With new Teint Idole Ultra Wear, you have the power to live your natural beauty.

* Consumer test on 193 women.

** Consumer test on 196 Western women.

[1] NPD (November 2022) & Beauty Research (Q3)

[2] Oxidative stress-induced pollution