New: Paco Rabanne Invictus Victory Elixir and Olympea Flora

Paco Rabanne has launced the new powerful fragrance for men and the new intense eau de parfum for women.
Courtesy of Paco Rabanne


It is the pinnacle of intensity from Invictus. A potent elixir made to push victory beyond limits. With Invictus Victory Elixir, the new powerful fragrance for men by Paco Rabanne, the time has come to seize the moment. Step into the spotlight. Embrace your moment of immortality.

A rich, powerful, long-lasting nectar blending spicy woods and biting freshness, the new, intense incarnation of Paco Rabanne’s iconic fragrance is the ultimate expression of victory.

Never stop winning. Invictus Victory Elixir by Paco Rabanne.

Courtesy of Paco Rabanne


Opulent wood. Mysterious incense. Delicious tonka.

An even richer, more concentrated, intense version of Paco Rabanne’s best-selling Invictus Victory, the new fragrance is a precious ambery, woody, spicy elixir. blending high-impact, high-performance, highly concentrated ingredients for maximum intensity.

For this creation it was important to ensure the heritage of Invictus”, says Anne Flipo, one of the three master perfumers who co-authored the new fragrance. “Its strong DNA is still present in Elixir while offering a new, irresistible darker facet.”

As the scent opens, a rush of freshness boosts aromatic lavandin from Provence with the bite of green cardamom and the crunch of black pepper. Then, the woody opulence of Indonesian patchouli -- a new, manly addition to Invictus Victory’s signature – blends with dark, mysterious incense, hand-harvested in Somaliland.

Here, I wanted to capture the mysterious side of the fragrance by reinforcing the incense note already present in Victory”, explains Nicolas Beaulieu, the scent’s second co-author.

"For this new opus, I worked the tonka bean like a liqueur in order to concentrate its most noble aspects”, adds the third creator of the trio, Domitille Michalon-Bertier.

The delicious nectar of this tonka bean liqueur adds depth and elegance to a delectable overdose of vanilla bean sourced in Madagascar.

Invictus Victory Elixir by Paco Rabanne. The scent of victory has never been so addictive.

The natural ingredients of Invictus Victory Elixir are responsibly sourced, ensuring their sustainability and traceability, supporting local communities and promoting environmental awareness. The fragrance is 100% vegan and 90% natural.


The iconic Invictus Victory bottle concentrates all its power in a new elegantly lacquered trophy that reflects the intense richness of the Elixir it holds.

Showcasing the scent’s powerful winning DNA, the golden V for Victory is engraved in the glass, standing out against a lacquered gradient of black to dark blue. A glossy black cap crowns the trophy.

For the first time, the iconic wings of Invictus turn to gold against a deep blue background on the luxurious matte black box.

It’s the ultimate icon of victory.


The fresh face of Invictus is an up-and-coming NBA star, the professional basketball player Jalen Green of the Houston Rockets. A captivating stare, an infectious energy, and more importantly, an unwavering motivation that’s amazing to witness: the Californian athlete is the new face of contemporary sports. He has been compared to the greats like Kobe Bryant, and his journey, on and off the court, is only just beginning.

In the spectacular Invictus campaign directed by Airton Carmignani, a.k.a. Tino, Jalen Green is cast alongside great sports legends of the past such as Jesse Owens and John McEnroe, forever inspiring young legends of today. Tino shines a light on the heroism and complexities that define us as everyday champions, reaffirming the wonders of humanity in the face of challenge.

The gripping film is showcased alongside L.A.-based rapper Vo Williams’ confident, empowering track, “Greatness”, inspired by those who turn a seemingly unrealistic dream into unapologetic greatness. It doesn’t get more Invictus than that.



Fabulously fierce. Supremely confident. Gloriously sexy.

Today’s glamorous amazon Goddess knows all about the power of flowers. Olympéa Flora captures her energy in the most intensely feminine, sublimely floral, long-lasting incarnation yet of Paco Rabanne’s divine fragrance, embodied by the fearless Dutch-born supermodel Luna Bijl.

In the new fragrance, a pop pink bouquet matches a thorny rose with a fresh-petaled peony, expressing two divine facets of Olympéa’s femininity, dangerous flowers blooming black and pink in her secret garden.

Courtesy of Paco Rabanne

The fragrance. The Power of Flowers.

Fierce pink rose. Sweet blackcurrant. Fresh peony blossom.

Intensely feminine and intensely floral, Olympéa Flora was designed by two young women perfumers, Fanny Bal and Nelly Hachem, as “an effervescent and inspiring vision of the Olympéa Goddess.”

To express the fierceness and mystery of the Flower Goddess, they have chosen to interpret Olympéa as “a divine chypre scent”, the most elegant of fragrance families, blending notes of fruits, flowers, and woods.

The fabulous floral heart of Olympéa Flora is an overdose of fresh pink roses and peonies in full blossom, starring two stellar rose extracts.

Rose Essential is yielded by a unique upcycling extraction process and contains all the scent molecules from living rose petals, preserving the scent of the fresh flower. Rosa Damascena absolute offers a richer, spicier profile. The hand-harvested roses are responsibly sourced in Isparta (Turkey).

To make the pink petals pop, the perfumers have sprinkled them with sparkling pink pepper – its bite evoking the rose’s thorns.

A delectable blackcurrant sorbet accord boosts the fruity tones of the lush floral bouquet. The luscious blend is wrapped in smooth, salty vanilla – Olympéa’s signature note.

Velvety patchouli, responsibly sourced in Indonesia and re-distilled to enhance its most refined facets, reflects the fierce femininity of the Flower Goddess. A long-lasting trail of musky cashmere wood adds a touch of elegance and mystery.

Olympéa Flora’s natural ingredients are responsibly sourced, ensuring their sustainability and traceability, supporting local communities and promoting environmental awareness. The fragrance is 100% vegan and 87% natural.

The bottle. A vibrant match of black and rose.

In a bold departure from its previous iterations, Olympéa Flora’s bottle dresses up in black to reveal the vibrant, rose-pink color of the fragrance.

A molded black orchid flower and tropical leaves, adorning the luxurious, heavy, rounded glass of the bottle, nod to Olympéa’s delicious signature vanilla note.

Glossy black wings of laurel frame the bottle, topped by a smooth, shiny black cap with a touch of radiant gold.

At the base, a pop pink flash catches the light, enhancing the scent’s intense rose hue. Elegant, fierce, and fit for a Flower Goddess.

The campaign. Championing the modern Amazon goddess.

The new star face of Olympéa since 2022 is more than a supermodel. The statuesque Dutch-born Luna Bilj is the embodiment of Paco Rabanne femininity. Determined, strong, and fun, she is  modern Amazon, a natural born trailblazer who has practiced motocross her whole life and is a kickboxing force to reckon with.

Clad in Paco Rabanne’s signature metallic dress and the black leather jacket of a modern amazon, Luna fronts the Olympéa campaign, alongside a larger cast of athletes, in the fim directed by Airton Carmignani, a.k.a. Tino. Tracing links with great sports legends of the past to inspire the young legends of today, the film reaffirms the wonders of humanity in the face of challenge, alongside the L.A.-based rapper Vo Williams’ confident, empowering track “Greatness”.

A story of sublime power, Paco Rabanne’s Olympéa campaign champions all the passionate, commanding women, true goddesses who own their achievements and are proud of their enduring journey. It’s all about embodying the fiercest, most powerful facets of womanhood.