Parfums de Marly: Magic potions - What's in your perfume bottle?

Pegasus Exclusif captivates luxury in an original Parfums de Marly matte, metallic bottle with dark brown tones.
Courtesy of Parfums de Marly

A scent full of character that gains momentum on the skin, the nature of this fragrance is to formulate an intense alchemy for its wearer.

The perfume embodies a sense of nobility and freedom, setting off a new pursuit of masculinity. With olfactory stereotypes, the scent presents the contemporary man with vanilla fused with an oriental twist of amber, sandalwood, natural oud and guaiac and combined with floral heart notes of jasmine, lavender, bitter almond and geranium. It is a delicate balance of fruits and spices, including bergamot, pink pepper, cardamom and heliotrope.