Perfect Your Summer Makeup Looks with Flormar

Add a radiant summer glow with these beloved beauty essentials
Photos: Courtesy of Flormar

This summer, Flormar presented two timeless makeup essentials that have charmed beauty enthusiasts for years - the versatile Wet & Dry Compact Powder and the dazzling Baked Blush-On. Designed to enhance your glow, these products are the perfect companions for achieving smooth, soft, and flawless summer makeup looks, now featuring all-new packaging that reflects their elegance and quality.

Flawless Finish with Flormar's Wet & Dry Compact Powder

Flormar's Wet & Dry Compact Powder is a true multitasker, allowing you to apply it both dry and wet for different makeup effects. With its silky texture, this powder effortlessly controls shine and creates a smooth, soft finish on your skin.

For those seeking high coverage, simply dampen the accompanying latex sponge with water and apply the powder from the center of your face, blending it towards the outer edges. Achieve a more natural look by using a powder brush to apply the product. Choose from a variety of seven shades tailored to suit your unique complexion.

Get the Glow with Flormar's Baked Blush-On

Flormar's Baked Blush-On delivers a stunning bronzer effect, providing a flawless and natural makeup look. Infused with nourishing Vitamin E, this blush cares for your skin while elevating your beauty to the next level. Available in a selection of nine luminous and matte shades, offering endless possibilities to match your preferred style.

The size of the Baked Blush On has been revised into a much more handy size which makes it more convenient to carry it in purses and do a retouch any time needed. The new packaging is now available at a more cost-effective price.

With Flormar's Wet & Dry Compact Powder and Baked Blush-On, you are sure to exude a radiant glow throughout the season.

Flormar’s collections are available to shop at Flormar stores in the UAE and online at Instashop and Talabat.