Poison Drop: Your Ultimate Destination for Trend-Forward Jewelry to Complement Any Style, Mood, or Occasion

The world of endless imagination, possibilities, and inspiration at your fingertips.
Courtesy of Poison Drop

Poison Drop, the preeminent jewelry department store, has announced the expansion of its trend-setting jewelry brand to the Middle East. Poison Drop is known for its unique industry position: Poison Drop shapes its own narrative and introduces new names that will soon become the next big thing. With worldwide shipping and a website that is both user-friendly and chic, Poison Drop is the ultimate destination for trend-setting jewelry that caters to any style, mood, or occasion. The diverse and unique range of jewelry on the Poison Drop website invites shoppers of any gender and identity to discover new aspects of their personality and have fun with their style.

Wisteria Gems | Courtesy of Poison Drop

Future trends are already here

At the core of Poison Drop is its team of experts who live and breathe fashion. They scour the world for the latest trends and pick the most relevant of them, serving them up to their audience in a way that feels fresh, innovative, and accessible. This approach ensures that customers are always up-to-date on the latest and most exciting industry releases.

Herald Percy | Courtesy of Poison Drop

Foster meaning through each piece’s story

Poison Drop is more than just a purveyor of jewelry; it is a storyteller. The company seeks to educate its audience about the creation process, philosophy, and behind-the-scenes aspects of each item, trend, and brand. By doing so, Poison Drop gives its customers a deeper understanding of the jewelry they wear, enriching their lives with new perspectives and insights.

Monique Rodrigez and Kendall Jenner

Pick from a wide variety of styles and experiment with fashion

Fashion is about self-expression, and Poison Drop is all about encouraging its customers to embrace their inner fashion icon. The store’s collection features a wide range of jewelry in various shapes, sizes, and colors, including talismans, medallions, animal and floral jewelry, as well as delicate and simple pieces, sets, and transformers. There is something for everyone, whether you’re a fan of bold statements, a minimalist, a dreamer, or a doer.

Poison Drop is home to some of the most popular designers in the industry, including Eshvi, Natia x Lako, Misho, Philippe Audibert, Lisa Smith, Atelier Paulin, Mya Bay, and many others. Their weekly drops are always on-trend, reflecting the pulse of  what’s now and what’s next.

In short, Poison Drop’s unique approach to the jewelry industry sets it apart from the rest. It is a place where creativity, self-expression, and innovation thrive, where customers can discover the magic of jewelry and the story behind it. Customers can sign up for emails to stay updated on the latest trends and receive exclusive offers, or visit website to find their unique style with our trend-setting jewelry collection.

Welcome to the world of Poison Drop, where jewelry is more than just an accessory; it is an invitation to dream, create, and inspire.

For those who are new to the world of Poison Drop jewelry, the company is delighted to offer a special code MYPOISONDROP for 15% off their first purchase.Poison Drop also invites customers to share their experiences by tagging their posts on Instagram with @poisondropcom and using the hashtag #mypoisondrop. | @poisondropcom