Pomellato: When Women Lead, In Discussion with Sabina Belli, Pomellato Group CEO

In honor of International Women’s Day, Pomellato held its first panel talk in the region at the Lana Dorchester Hotel in Dubai.
From left: Louise Nichol, Omaira Farooq, Nayla Al Khaja, Sabina Belli | Courtesy of Pomellato

The event featured CEO Sabina Belli as well as panelists, Nayla Al Khaja, Emirati film producer and director, and Omaira Farooq, multi-disciplinary Emirati entrepreneur, with Louise Nichol, renowned Dubai-based presenter and host, moderating the discussion.

The panel discussion “When Women Lead” focused on women in leadership highlighting the achievements and contributions of women in fields.

The successful and inspirational women reflected on personal journeys, their similarities, while addressing challenges faced and the enduring importance of discussing these issues not just on International Women’s Day but every day.

“A common thread between women who lead is first our ability for making things happen and to make a difference - to each have the will to make dreams a realization, to turn a constraint into an opportunity to look at the positive side and not to take “no” for an answer. It’s important to discuss these topics and share our personal experiences as women to keep it as a conversation for now but also the next generation, including all the women in this region, where entrepreneurship and leadership is a really strong reality.” – Sabina Belli, Pomellato Group CEO.

The discussion delved into the broader definition of leadership, extending beyond corporate realms to cultural and philanthropic spheres and the importance of keeping the conversation ignited.

“Through incredible initiatives like this, there is an impact, it’s impacting women and men alike whatever stage of life they are at. There is still a long way to go, for example in my industry only three per cent of women are cinematographers and only nine per cent are female directors, while they exist, where are they? There’s a massive mountain to push with the stories we need to tell. The most important people to touch our hearts were our mothers, we are natural born storytellers, this is why it’s insane there aren’t enough women sharing stories in the world because I believe we are very good at it.” – Nayla Al Khaja, Film Producer and Director.

The conversation explored strategies to encourage more women into leadership roles and the vital role of education, inspiring and igniting hope in the young women that will be leading the world of tomorrow.

As women we need to educate other women, we also need to change. I teach my teenage daughters, it’s not about sabotaging other women, it’s more about helping - about finding something that someone is doing and thinking perhaps can you do it differently, you can excel in a different way, but don’t sabotage other women.” - Omaira Farooq, multi-disciplinary Emirati entrepreneur.

The #PomellatoForWomen communication platform was launched in 2017 by the Maison’s CEO Sabina Belli to encourage female empowerment and ignite positive change. Pomellato For Women advocates for gender equality, diversity and inclusivity, including the importance of female leadership and a more authentic idea of natural beauty.

Since its inception, the Pomellato for Women community has been represented by a cross-section of women from various disciplines, ages and arts. From celebrities such as Jane Fonda, Cate Blanchett, Laura Dern, Samara Weaving to other powerful women, all who have lent their voices and visibility to support #PomellatoForWomen acting as true ambassadors of the brand, and as the bearers of its values.

Sabina Belli, who developed the motto “Pomellato, caring for women since 1967” is also a voice of influence, as she has been devoted to women’s causes at Pomellato since she became its CEO in 2015. Sabina Belli explains the reasons behind Pomellato for Women’s purpose, “Everyone has a role to play as a ‘social sentinel’ in order to give women a voice. Together we can foster changes in our society including greater representation and independence for women.”