REPOSSI - Antifer Heart Capsule Collection

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of its iconic Antifer Collection, Repossi has presented the Antifer Heart capsule collection: three new pieces combining the gentle forms of the heart with the sharp tip of Antifer’s unmistakable design signature.
Courtesy of REPOSSI

Sleek lines and minimalist design, inspired by contemporary art and Japanese essentialism, the Antifer Collection was created in 2013 and today embodies one of the three pillars of Repossi’s design identity. An exercise in style for the Place Vendôme jeweler, it reinvents the classic gold wedding band through a juxtaposition of round and angled, achieving perfect harmony of form.

For its 10th anniversary, the Antifer Collection is enriched with three new Antifer Heart jewels to complement the iconic ring: a long necklace and two unique hoop earrings. Each is an unexpected contrast of curves, volumes, and sharply angled tips.

This new interpretation celebrates with brute force the original 2013 design: a complex game of architectural construction with the stacking of rings—up to twelve rows—in which the tips succeed, one after the other, in a dynamic asymmetrical rhythm.

In tune with the self-affirmation and audacity so characteristic of Repossi, the Antifer Heart capsule collection magnifies a pure and essential form, detached from superfluous elements. Deeply versatile, these three new pieces can be worn alone, or stacked, and invite an assertion of the most daring “me”.

The Antifer Heart jewels also bear witness to the unique savoir-faire of Maison Repossi, demonstrating its high standards of craftsmanship, its attention to handmade details, and the overall virtuosity of its historic workshops based in Italy.

The launch of the Antifer Heart capsule collection, one long necklace and two hoop earrings, is the first in a series of Antifer jewelry interpretations to be unveiled throughout 2023.

Large earring in 18K rose gold, Small earring in 18K rose gold, Long pendant in 18K rose gold. Courtesy of REPOSSI