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Nestled against the backdrop of the illustrious Tate Britain, the ROKSANDA Autumn Winter 2024 collection serves as an intimate show, that celebrates the beauty found in the every day, creating a harmonious dialogue through each piece.
Photos: Courtesy of ROKSANDA

ROKSANDA embarks on a journey of tactility, reimagining original imagery in an ode to everyday life. An ‘Oak Wood’ print in hues of moss-green and rose, pays homage to the blank canvas witnessed by Le Corbusier before commencing his artistic journey. The same ‘Oak Wood’ serves as a background for rich tapestries that depict narratives of the everyday, with illustrious fringes in vivid green that dance around the body. Hand-made sculptural jewellery' in light-gold manipulated silk satin around the form, echoing the spirit of Le Corbusier's later life artworks.

Tailoring boasts a distinctive silhouette, juxtaposed against a meticulously tailored waistline in hues of Hickory and Dusk. Notably present is the introduction of slashed skirts, overlayed on top of trousers crafted from the same Melton Wool. Elsewhere, panels akin to blankets wrap meticulously around the body, with sweeping long trains that epitomise a marriage of historical inspiration and contemporary elegance.

Sculptures are formed elsewhere, with boning meticulously applied to panels of recycled mixed-fibre taffeta in Chartreuse-Verte and Midnight, in repetitive formations to create rolling abstract movements. The body’s length is exaggerated in a Deep Sienna Macrame Dress whilst Soft Tailoring continues ROKSANDA’s signature language of protection and shelter. Structural shapes are depicted through Silk Satin in a Light Moss and Sage, an appreciation of the artworks created by Le Corbusier later in life.

Leather is introduced to the collection, coming to form in a Sienna Suede skirt coated in a high-gloss black ‘cracked’ finish, revealing the deep Sienna colour beneath. In a similar style, a Sage leather trench coat, hand-sprayed with Chartreuse panelling, is a neat contrast against the matte suede.

Footwear is curated by ROKSANDA for FitFlop, illuminated by her signature colours throughout. These colours are further reflected in an alliance with Moution, a celebration of the intersection between athleisure and art.


Limon, Black, Light-Moss, Sage, Hickory, Elderflower, Dusk, Deep Sienna, Dusty White, Midnight, Chartreuse-Verse, Canvas, Dark Flamant, Turquesa, Vivid Green, Grey-Melange, Bleu-Cair, Pale- Lime, Deep Sienna, Ochre, Light Hibiscus, Ecru, Dark Flamant, Sarcelle, Antique Rose, Peche- Clair


Sand-washed Silk Satin, Melton Wool, Organic Cotton Poplin, Recycled Mixed-Fibre Taffeta, Filcoupé/Jacquard, Tapestry, Soft Wool Tailoring, Faux Fur, Bouclé, Suede, Leather

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Photos: Courtesy of ROKSANDA