Rasario Resort 2024: Where Tradition Meets Creative Vision

In a commitment to timeless elegance, Rasario presents its Resort 2024 collection, transcending boundaries by seamlessly merging Asian and Gothic influences with a nostalgic nod to the '90s and 2000s.
Photos: Courtesy of RASARIO

This collection is a celebration of the semi-dramatic, featuring sultry Gothic undertones inspired by drapery and the symbolic beauty of roses.

The Resort'24 collection draws inspiration from diverse sources: the graceful sculpture "Modesty" by Antonio Corradini, hints of exotic elegance, and the evocative atmosphere of the film "In the Mood for Love" converge to infuse the collection with a distinctive charm resonating through every carefully crafted piece.

Redefining fashion with transformative silhouettes, Resort'24 showcases voluminous roses, intriguing cutouts, and understated teardrop necklines, offering styles from mini to maxi. The iconic corset silhouette takes center stage, gently flaring into elegant trains. Sleek column dresses, ruffles, asymmetry, and abundant drapery, accentuated by corset inserts, provide a diverse array of styles.

What sets this collection apart are decorative techniques: voluminous roses, edge finishes merging into airy ties, an array of open-back designs balanced with restrained front charm, and innovative constructions. Original hand-drawn floral prints enhance the fabrics, ensuring a visual and tactile feast.

Resort'24 transforms each garment into a work of art through a diverse range of fabrics. Delicate printed satin, the beauty of Chantilly lace, intricate scalloped lace, sparkling sequins on a jersey foundation, elastic crepe satin, shape-retaining satin with captivating prints, and airy chiffon enriched with satin inserts collectively form a harmonious palette of textures.

Within the Resort 2024 collection, each piece narrates a story with meticulous attention to detail. Teardrop necklines, corset inserts, edge finishes, rose embellishments, and ingenious drapery techniques breathe life into each ensemble. The collection introduces a touch of the extraordinary with stand-up collars and classic Chinese-style sleeves, adding a captivating allure to every piece.

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Photos: Courtesy of RASARIO