Rene Caovilla Unveiled Inaugural Boutique in Riyadh

Rene Caovilla has announced the opening of its first store in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, located in Kingdom Mall.
Photo: Courtesy of Rene Caovilla

Located on the second floor, the space exudes elegance and opulence that is the main characteristic of the brand. The Maison’s Venetian origins and Italian heritage are reflected in the gold boiserie, and the cream-toned ambiance allude to a sense of the brand’s signature craftsmanship.

“We are thrilled to embark on this exciting journey of expansion in the Middle East, as we open our new store in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Mr. Caovilla

Photo: Courtesy of Rene Caovilla

The storefront stands out with a big glass window framed with gold borders recalling the signature brand color. The iconic Cleo heels, displayed in museum-like style on a glittered panel, greet the eye as the first point of visual interest upon entering the store. To complement the look, the pieces are displayed on Carrara marble tables, also paying homage to the brand’s Italian roots, encircled by plush velvet seating in the shades of pink, blue and light green. The brand’s latest offerings are prominently displayed, ensuring each of the eye-catching pieces have their moment to shine.

The Rene Caovilla boutique is now open in Kingdom Mall, Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.