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Robert Abi Nader: Diversity and Integration

The designer Robert Abi Nader returns to Paris to enhance diversity and integration.
Photos: Courtesy of Robert Abi Nader

Impeccable elegance with creativity and grandeur is embodied in the professional revival of regal designs presented by the designer in an exceptional collection. Abi Nader dedicates the collection to gender diversity and integration in fashion design, introducing designs for men, emphasizing artistic integration in public appearances. Displayed during the Paris Fashion Week for "Haute Couture," the collection marks a significant artistic leap in a post-pandemic, ever-changing world. Abi Nader's precision and imaginative breadth redefine designs with unique styles, colors, ideas, and cuts. After a four-year absence, he resumes his showcases in Paris, making a qualitative and pivotal mark in the fashion world, being one of the first Lebanese to enter Paris and present shows after graduating from CHAMBRE SYNDICALE school.

The collection comprises 40 pieces, divided into designs for women and men, united by contemporary and unexpected cuts. Women's dresses highlight impressions of femininity, utilizing fabrics like "Satin," "Gazard," "Ziberline," "Organza," "Crepe," and "Dentelle." Tailored suits and ensembles, composed of two or three pieces, vary with jackets, corsets, trousers, and skirts. Vibrant "fluo" colors such as green, yellow, and pink-blue complement seasonal looks, alongside classic strong colors like white, black, and red.

These fabrics enhance the royal presence of elegant designs, characterized by adaptability, allowing the execution of sophisticated visions for stylish women. Abi Nader employs modern techniques like "Molin" and "Drape," investing hundreds of hours in some designs, especially those involving hand embroidery with "Swarovski" stones, pearls, and semi-precious stones.

The surprise of the collection lies in its inclusion of designs for men, featuring six unconventional designs for men seeking distinctiveness in contemporary looks. The innovative suit design breaks the traditional image of men's casual wear, with features like a jalabiya over a suit jacket and a connected abaya with the jacket, reshaping the landscape of men's fashion by combining elegance and allure in one design.

The show maintained a consistent context of creativity, concluding with a royal white wedding dress. Abi Nader creatively reconstructed and embroidered the fabric, resembling puzzle pieces, transforming the bride's look into a captivating royal context.


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Photos: Courtesy of Robert Abi Nader