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Songzio presented its 2024 Autumn Winter collection, ‘Night Thieves’ during the 24FW Paris Mens Fashion Week.
Photos: Courtesy of Songzio

This collection depicts Songzio’s anti heroes, the night thieves - those who control the seemingly uncontrollable night: calm yet rowdy, eerie yet earthly, dark yet gleaming.

This collection began with a painting of prometheus being punished for his sin. Inspiring this season’s theme itself, the painting alludes to the notion of divergent perspectives and unintended consequences. In fact, the anti heroes of this collection are men in the likes of prometheus; one who stole fire from the gods and brought us future but stole our nights and brought us chaos.

Photos: Courtesy of Songzio
Photos: Courtesy of Songzio

Songzio’s 24FW collection converges order and disorder, the oriental and the occidental, darkness and shine.


The collection features the brand’s modern oriental look inspired by classical cocoon, dolman and bell-shaped silhouettes whereby curves and angles coexist to create sharp angles yet rounded volumes. Also inspired by ancient armors, the collection once again features the brand’s signature ‘plated’ pieces: symmetrically and asymmetrically cut and plated.


Diverging from a rather imposing form, the sharp and asymmetrical draping and layering add a sense of fluidity and imperfection to the collection: sculptural in stillness yet fluid in motion.


Prominent throughout the collection are the vertical and the horizontal cuts, which represent Songzio’s painting method of crossing strokes whereby the vertical strokes represent the object while the horizontal strokes represent its emotions:
the sinner and his anguish, the thief and his envy, and the antihero and his determination.


Songzio’s 24FW collection also features a wide array of accessories inspired by the anti heroes of ancient eastern folktales from tall hairy hats, fur gloves, plated leather cummerbands, calf hair barrel bags, ‘gomusin’ shoes to ‘blackeyes’ jewelries, each antihero is dressed in subtle individuality in an imposing uniformity.

Finally, this collection unveils a special collaboration with Reebok featuring an avant garde activewear collection from sneakers to voluminous outerwear.

Photos: Courtesy of Songzio
Photos: Courtesy of Songzio

This season’s color palette is bold and striking. piercing through the brand’s signature monotonous looks are the cardinal red and golden yellow pieces: strong colors befitting the villainous yet heroic characters of the collection. Finally, from metallic fabrics, heavily woven knits, bold boucle and tweed wools to leather, this season features an array of textural and sculptural fabrics to create a sense of elegant boldness. @songzio_official