Bring their very first, high-spirited, joyful editions
Underd0g x Perpétuel

Why can’t horology be a little bit more playful from time to time? In an industry that typically takes itself very seriously, Studio Underd0g offers a fresh perspective.


Despite our playful approach, we don’t joke around when it comes to design. Every detail, texture, material, finishing and colour of our watches has been meticulously thought through (even if one of our designs happens to be inspired by a fruit 🍉).

We’ve used current-day machining techniques to emulate a mid-century vintage silhouette, while integrating a refreshingly modern dial. The vibrant dégradé top-dial is something we’re particularly proud of.

The varied size of the sub-dials is offset by the branding and movement details, which allows the chronograph seconds hand to pass through uninterrupted. Idiosyncratic, yet balanced.

Watermelon Edition

The Watermelon edition has been inspired by a refreshing fruit. And it’s a pineapple. This tastefully dial features seeds for indices and saturated pink complemented by a green gradient. This creative and flavored piece is a joy to wear and watch. Just like eating a slice of watermelon on a sunny day.

The Mint Chocolate Edition

The Mint Chocolate edition, limited to 50 pieces and inspired by the English ice cream flavour invented in 1973. This piece becomes proof of how we can convert the impossible into possible. Just like how you can convert ice cream into a mechanical watch. It’s a flavoury dial with chocolate chips and degraded mint green that evokes freshness yet with a modern vintage touch.

The Desert Sky Edition

The Desert sky edition is quite a special homage watch with its colorful pallet that has been crafted after a pair of sneakers. Yes, sneakers. Passion is vivid within this piece since it has been inspired by one of Richard’s favorite sneakers. Once again, the love for collecting outstands in the soul of this piece.

The Go0fy Panda Edition

Why be goofy when you can be go0fy? Go0fy Panda is your not so traditional mechanical chronograph. With a faded white, gray dial and a bright shade of spring green that mimics the color of bamboo — a panda’s favorite meal. This piece is ready to take the best out of you and make you feel yourself.