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SUD Lisboa - The Place to Be

Conceived  than half a decade ago, the SANA Hotels dreamed of redefining Portugal as the jewel of international hospitality. Six years later, that dream has turned into reality.

Creating a luxurious hospitality experience is nothing short of an art. And SANA Hotels has claimed the domain by providing multiple heavenly escapes all over Portugal.

This brings us to one of its most coveted jewels, the SUD Lisboa.

SUD Lisboa is the perfect rendition of Lisbon’s pristine beauty, eclectic culture, iconic cuisine and larger-than-life lifestyle. It is a clear depiction of the determination and the sincere promise that the team at SANA Hotels has made; to bring the unique blend of Portuguese culture and landscape to the forefront of bespoke international travel.

Such elaborate goals and the resulting success don’t just rest on the perfect execution of plans but call for inspirational leadership and a vision to drive the venture to its manifestation.

Residing at the historically rich Belém district on the Avenida Brasília, SUD Lisboa looks all captivating with the tranquil backdrop of the Tagus River accompanied by the iconic 25 de Abril suspension bridge -  the ideal place to celebrate life!

Such a charming scene may look like the best thing that SUD Lisboa has to offer here. However, the luxury afforded by the eatery for the enthusiasts foraging for the best of Lisbon presents another tempting offer on the table.

SUD Lisboa has two bespoke hospitality venues: SUD Lisboa Terrazza and the SUD Lisboa Hall. The SUD Terrazza is what you call a pure definition of elegance and exclusivity, with its nothing-short-of-iconic panoramic view of the Tagus and an accompanying Mediterranean-style cuisine. Moreover, the SUD Infinity pool is on the top floor with an elaborate cocktail menu, enchanting views, and live acts, everything that exemplifies a bespoke outdoor celebratory experience.

The infinity pool, located on the top floor of the SUD Lisboa Terrazza building offers a magnificent view of the Tejo River and the iconic Bridge 25 de Abril – making for the perfect place to linger after a long day at the office, or to take a refreshing dip and cool off from the humid Lisbon heat during the day.

The SUD Pool Lounge has become a favourite amongst city slickers. Guests can order a range of Mediterranean and Italian snacks to quell their apetites.

Despite all the culinary delights and the luxurious outdoor accommodations, one cannot forget the corporate prestige that SUD Lisboa has brought to Lisbon with its SUD Lisboa Hall.

The SUD Lisboa Hall imbues an utterly different identity than the SUD Lisboa. It is glamorous but suave and an exquisite setting for a destination wedding. This exclusive private event space has witnessed various high-profile events that have expanded SUD Lisboa’s brand beynd the borders of Portugal.

Some of these high-profile even include the prestigious launch event of OMEGA watches in the country, notably featuring celebrities like Cindy Crawford, the exclusive inauguration of HBO Portugal and the stylish awards ceremony of the E! Channel Entertainment. Furthermore, SUD Lisboa has ensured that it caters to the bespoke clientele and accentuates Lisbon as the city of celebrations.This storied corporate success also hosted the Portugal Grand Prix 2020, marking the return of the prestigious motorsport event and the F1 Heineken trophy to the country. Such high-profile corporate events are a testament to the fact the SANA Hotels chain fulfils its long-standing commitment to establishing Portugal as a significant tourism and business centre for corporate engagement

In fact, the promise to acquaint the world with the unique Portuguese hospitality by hosting such sophisticated events has translated into a relentless ambition to extend the SUD Lisboa inspired success to the other projects in SANA Hotel’s armour.

Avenida Brasília – Pavilhão Poente (next to MAAT), 1300-598 Lisboa