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Santoni Showcased Their Magical F/W 2024 Men's Collection at Milan Fashion Week

A legend of Monti Sibillini. The magic mountains, a tale presented by Santoni.
Photo: Courtesy of Santoni

There is magic in every facet that runs through Santoni’s new men’s Fall-Winter 2024 collection, inspired by a legend from the heritage of the Marche region, which completes the Maison’s extraordinary journey with new symbols and meanings.

Born in the heart of the Sibillini Mountains is the tale of Sibyl, queen of fairies, protector of the Mountains and guardian of a realm inhabited by special animals and fantastic creatures. Endowed with divinatory powers, Sibyl lovingly guards her enchanted realm, maintaining harmony between the human and magical worlds, surrounded by special animals, such as the woodpecker, symbol of the region, the deer and the hare.

And it is her fairy beauty that inspires Santoni’s new soft and light creations: refined weaves and precious materials are the creative foundation of each model, immersed in a magical narrative that mixes legend and reality.

The collection is dedicated to deconstructed, enveloping shapes with an ultra-soft hand, a fusion of lightness and wonder. The deep connection with the territory creates an intense bond with the natural environment; respect for the traditions and history of the Marche region separates the boundaries between real and imaginary, letting the Santoni world be a magical meeting place of craftsmanship and surprise.

The color palette is deeply connected to the earth and animal coat, with its warm browns and variations in natural nuances, while hand-shaded leather, with its enchanting charm, continues its path in the collections adding harmony and beauty.

The skillful hands of Santoni’s Master Craftsmen, skilled in weaving stories of enchantment, compose a collection dominated by a tangible heritage, and among the models this season is the lace-up suede ankle boot, hand shaded in shades of brown and finished with the flexible two-tone sole with Goodyear construction, a real invitation to move in a world of wonder. The Limited Edition Oxford in shades of burgundy composes a veritable visual poem by allowing itself to be finished with perforations and wingtips, traces of ancient enchantments that, together with the leather sole, transform steps into rituals of elegance. The Andrea moccasin with its dancing tassels and metal doubling details echoes the colors of the Lame Rosse, the rocky stratifications of the Sibillini Mountains, while the leather sole accompanies movements with delicacy and grace.

Sibyl’s fairy realm of color and material also serves as an enchanted backdrop for the extensive collection of accessories and leather goods. Among the highlights of the season, the 48-hours bag in light brown suede is an invitation to the most refined practicality: the handle with double buckle in hand-shaded leather surrounds itself with precious details to guard secrets and delicate gestures. The soft backpack, in the new camouflage fabric that echoes the topography of the Marche region, is crisscrossed with masterfully hand-colored leather details. A companion for travel and emotions, a new chapter in a modern fairy tale where surprise blends with the magic of craftsmanship.

The legend of the Sibillini Mountains will be told inside the Santoni showroom in Montenapoleone, on the occasion of Men’s Fashion Week, next January 14, 2024. Here, amidst wonder and amazement, the creatures of the Sibillini Mountains will meet Santoni products magically enveloped by artistic illustrations, created by the fairy hand of an artist, that take up the fantastic elements of the fairy tale and invite guests to live a physical, digitally immersive and emotionally engaging experience.

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Photos: Courtesy of Santoni