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Seven Destinations to Visit for a Perfect Instagram Page

If you are looking to create the perfect Instagram page, here is the list seven global locations visit and make your social media unbeatable.
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Experts at luxury cruise retailer Panache Cruises have named the most photogenic spots around the world and are encouraging globetrotters to bump these destinations to the top of their travel bucket list.

Whatever the equipment or photography skills - these are the places where it’s almost impossible to take a bad photo.

Some of the destinations that provide the most unique photo opportunities are in remote locations that are best accessed by cruise ships.

James Cole, founder and managing director of Panache Cruises said: “If you want to impress your friends with amazing photos from your trip then opt for unique destinations that offer epic photo opportunities.

“These locations are a paradise for photographers where aesthetic shots lurk around every corner.

“What makes these places special are the staggering landscapes, diverse wildlife and all kinds of wonders of Mother Nature that can be seen on every turn.

“All of these destinations can be visited by hopping on a cruise ship that takes travellers on a voyage to the most far-flung locations while still offering luxurious accommodation.”

Cruising allows travellers to experience several locations in one trip while also enjoying the convenience of staying in luxury accommodation.

The team at Panache Cruises have pinpointed the most photogenic destinations to visit by cruise ship:

1. Antarctica

Adventure seeking travellers can embark on an Antarctic voyage to see the mesmerising scenery and rich wildlife amid the glistening ice-covered mountains and glaciers. In this remote haven visitors can spot penguins, seals, albatrosses and whales in their natural habitat. A cruise to Antarctica will take tourists to popular destinations like the Antarctic Peninsula, South Shetland Islands and South Georgia, offering a trip of a lifetime where tourists can enjoy nature in all its glory.

2. New Zealand

The nature in New Zealand is truly unmatched, offering everything from gorgeous beaches and thick native forests to rough mountains and crystal-clear lakes. Here tourists can enjoy some of the most diverse and beautiful landscapes. A popular destination for wildlife lovers is the Milford Sound - it’s a serene fjord which is home to an abundance of seals, penguins and dolphins. Adrenaline seekers will love Queenstown which is known as the adventure capital of the world. It’s set against the spectacular Southern Alps and beautiful Lake Wakatipu and offers a large variety of fun activities including bungee jumping, jet boating, mountain biking and skiing.

3. Iceland

Iceland is considered to be one of the most beautiful places on earth with its unique terrain that includes glaciers, hot springs, volcanic mountains, waterfalls and black sand beaches. One of the highlights while taking a cruise to this Nordic Island nation is seeing the magical Northern Lights. The most popular tourist destinations are near the capital Reykjavik, including the Gullfoss double-tiered waterfall and the hot springs of Geysir.

4. Galapagos Islands

Galapagos Islands are also known as the Enchanted Islands because of their spectacular biodiversity and landscapes. The Galapagos Islands, which are home to many rare species, provide chances for wildlife photography unmatched by any other location in the world. On Santa Cruz Island tourists can encounter giant tortoises and marine iguanas, and on Bartolome island visitors can spot colonies of the rare Galapagos penguins happily waddling around.

5. French Polynesia

The beautiful islands of French Polynesia, including Bora Bora and Tahiti, offer great opportunities for exploration while soaking up the sun. The islands have pristine beaches, crystal clear lagoons and gorgeous reefs. The best way to explore dreamy French Polynesia is to go island hopping on a small, luxurious cruise ship. One of the most popular islands for exploration is Easter island with its volcanic terrain and archaeological sites.Tourists can reveal the island’s enigmatic history by visiting ancient villages and Moai statues.

6. Caribbean Islands

Paradise hunters will love a tropical Caribbean cruise. Besides the fact that there’s amazing weather all year round, visitors are allured by the islands’ magnificent landscapes with white beaches, tropical rainforests, waterfalls, volcanoes and mountains. Those looking for the world’s finest destination for diving, surfing and snorkelling will find themselves in paradise in Barbados. Barbados has a breathtaking coastline and beautiful ancient coral reefs.

7. Thailand

There’s so much to explore in Thailand - the country is scattered with historic ruins and temples and also breath-taking natural sights. It’s an amazing place to take in natural wonders, as there is an abundance of idyllic beaches, beautiful national parks and places to spot wildlife. Travellers looking to visit one of the most vibrant and exciting cities in Asia should make their way to Bangkok where they can enjoy the urban life, visit more than 30 temples and haggle at the famous Floating Market.

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