Sicis Jewels | Discovering 'The Grand Tour' book

A Journey Towards A Dream

The jewels presented in 'The Grand Tour' book results from artistic influences created from gold, stones, micromosaic tesserae, and tiny splinters of minerals.

Inside our Ravenna workshops in Italy, the skilled mosaic masters create contemporary objects using this precious and ancient micromosaic technique complemented by innovative processes and Sicis Jewels patents.

A journey that covers from the West to the East, a passage through history to the present. A renaissance, thanks to the talent that dreams.

This book aims to retrace a long journey through Europe, the 'Grand Tour', in which young aristocrats could learn about art and study social and political aspects that would mark their entire existence.

Italy was the heart of this journey, a place to admire and invest in artworks, jewels, objects to bring back home to remember and treasure the moments of culture and innovation.

During these travels, the nobles of the time bought finely elaborated micromosaic jewels from the workshops of niche artists.

As refined as it is complex, the micro mosaic technique is experiencing a new rebirth in the jewels created by Sicis Jewels atelier where together with gold and precious stones.

We find the magic of micromosaic as alchemy capable of moving and transforming jewels into vibrant objects, almost possessing one's soul.