Spotted In The LOEWE Balloon Bag

A round-up of the region's style set carrying the new signature bag from LOEWE: the Balloon has been spotted on NourArida, Natalia Shustova, Nathalie Fanj, Deema Al Asadi, Dana Hourani, NisaTiwana and Karen Wazen.

TUMI’s Holiday 2020 campaign is set in a world of white, snow filled landscapes illuminated by streaks of color and light that aim to capture the sense of discovery and beauty in holiday season movement. This season, we’re inspired to travel to exciting destinations, hometowns, or even just our own living rooms. We are encouraged to connect with those around us and give gifts that spark a sense of possibility. It’s a time to rediscover what really matters and see the world around us with fresh appreciation and a sense of limitless wonder. Because no matter where we go, it’s why we move that matters.

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